Dec 13, 2009


Need I Say Anything?

Happy Birthday Lainey!

Check out that good-looking 2-year-old! What a cutie!

And that cake was not only gorgeous, it tasted fantastic too! Great party Tesser!

Dec 7, 2009

I really kinda wish this had sound :(

So I have this sister named Jayne...

And I love her lots

Most of the time we do things without thinking first
That's probly what happened when she married this lovely number
But I think she's hot
One time we wanted to race the Jamacans. So we made our own bobsled team.
She wasn't so sure about the idea
But then we pretty much won. Did I tell ya'll she's great? And that it was her birthday? And I have many more pictures of her but I don't want her to kill me? Love Ya Jayne!