Mar 16, 2011

Executive Assistant to the Head of the Department of International Trade Economics and Business for the Washington State Department of Commerce

That's my official title, but I also go by "Camille the intern"
Last week I ended my dream job working above the service garage at Toyota of Kirkland so I could get paid nothing to sit in this office.
The view is awful
And today I spotted a peeping tom
26 floors up gives me the woozies. But I have to thank them for my wall plaque.
My office when I first started.
My window for spying on the city
And today it was sunny so I had to take another picture :)
Ok. Fine. I love it.
Today I watched planes land and take off of Lake Union. (The water looks kinda far in this pic, but... eez noht.) When I'm not looking out my gorgeous window, I'm working. This is already a big switch-up from Toyota because I actually have work to do all day. And my work includes planning meetings, preparing materials to present to the Governor, and planning aerospace projects for the state and World Expo.
Huh? Cami? Are you sure? Was this some kind of mistake?
I figure, if humans can build rockets and perform brain surgery and fight ninjas, I can do this. I'm human too.
Whenever I start to get stressed out from work, I just step back and remember I have a life outside of this office. If I use the wrong salutation on an event invite, my life will go on. If I forget to add someone on a meeting agenda, it is only the intern's fault. And when I leave the doors at the end of the day, I go back to being Cami the Nanny!
Life is so twisty, but it blows my mind. In a good way :)

Mar 12, 2011

An unrealistic but incredibly DOPE WEEEEEKKK!!!

Once upon a time there was this girl that talked to this guy on Skype for 3 months, then finally he came home from school and he went to her house and picked her up and took her to Canada for three days.
They almost got stopped at the border because they thought he was a Ukranian spy. Might be true.
She had hair in her mouth.
He was about to fall asleep, so she forcibly made him eat peanut butter while he drove. He liked.
The final destination was a little place called Whistler-Blackcomb BC.
The girl had a life-long dream of skiing there.
She awoke to bluebird skies and ate a few very teenie oranges.
He didn't awake for a long time.
At about 7:30 they took a stroll through Whistler Village.
(She woke up reeaaallly early, because she is a granny.)
They ordered Granola for breakfast, but instead they received a small alien spacecraft complete with a weed sticking out the top.
Ooohhh Caaanada....
They were mighty bored waiting in line, so they decided to show off their morning faces to the lovely people in line.
She knew he was a stalker, but how he made it into her day pass picture, she will never quite understand.
They skied with much uplum all day.
(The narrator may or may not have just said uplum)

Welcoooome to the Himalayas

Taking a real picture was a chore.
They rode the Peak 2 Peak gondola, which happens to be one of the craziest freaking things of all time, if you'll please pardone mua frencheau. Between the 213-foot tall towers, it travels 1.8 miles - unsupported - 1427 feet off the ground. Woof.
After a glorious day of skiing, it was time to return to the United States once again.
(Check out the square bush).
It was a hard trip back to reality.

However, they still managed to party it up in Seattle for a couple more days.
They attended the broadway production of Back To Normal at the 5th Avenue Theater, and were so taken by the ornate ceiling it was difficult to concentrate on the play.
(But you have to give them props for taking a picture of them aaanndd the ceiling)

They next day was spent running random errands that he had to complete before returning to school.
One of the errands was for her though. It was called "Whoever finds Cami's phone in the Target parking lot a day after it fell off the roof of her car gets a kiss"
No one got kissed.
He had a difficult time looking for the phone because he was too busy laughing at her with her sweater pulled over her head. It was raining quite hard, and she had to do everything in her power to keep the moisture from gracing her disgusting hair.
Then he went back to Virginia.
The end.