Feb 28, 2014

Kitchen potential + poll

So I really love cooking. I don't know how or why, but I just can't get enough of it. I'm not a big fan of people blogging about the food they make, but I'm thinking about sharing a couple pictures-as-I-cook recipes. If this offends/excites any of you, please let your thoughts be known in comments :)

Snow day

The past couple weeks have been unusual in ol Buena Vista. This is my first winter here so I'm not totes sure what the norm is, but I discovered that 13 inches of snow means a "state of emergency" and, according to the alerts, "stay home". OK!! 
I'm not sure how to not sound snobby in saying this, but growing up in Utah and working in the snow industry most of my life, I have never been found wanting in the snow gear department. I don't remember the last time I got cold or wet while being in the snow. This snow day made me appreciate all those people from Texas who made a trip up to Utah to go skiing with only glove liners and jeans. 
Because that's all I have here! 
I got super and wet and cold, and I loved it. 
 My snow compadre was a little more prepared and delicious looking

 We might have looked nice, but we had no sleds or tubes. First time in my life I haven't had a sled within 12 steps at any given moment of any season! So we sat in garbage bags and went down the road on our butts. While incredibly painful, it was one of the best times I have ever had in the snow. 
 So good, in fact, that we decided to go pick up some friends so they could join in the fun.
G parked the car down the road the night before, because he is incredibly intelligent and smart and brainy. As I have mentioned in previous posts. Because it's true. He goes to college. 
 I was in charge of driving (peeling out) backwards, and G was in charge of killing his body and soul while digging. 
 After 45 minutes we showed up at the Mantles. They commented on how our muscles looked incredibly large and bulge-ish. Yep. 
Aren't they the cutestststs?!?!
 These two have been BFF's since before such a thing existed, and they figured out how to steal and take apart the neighbor's wheelbarrow to make a sled. Genius. 
 Garret is holding "the paddle" (which doubled as a brake) and I am holding Garret. I simply can't help myself. 
 When we were too soggy to go on any longer, we came inside and gave ourselves a laser show using G's new lasers. For some reason it was incredibly entertaining. Oh dear. 
 Cassidy and I made cookies and the men headed out to build a fort. If there's snow and men, there will be a fort. Sadly I didn't get a photo of the end result, but it was about 6' high, all enclosed with candles for an atmospheric touch. Last week it was over 65 degrees here, and the fort is still in my driveway. This thing might last till next winter. 
Then the sun set. And that was perdy. 

Feb 12, 2014

My sleepy little man

Every once in a while (every time we go shopping) this dear man finds somewhere to rest his sleepy little head

 This is just a sample
 And when his feet get cold, he takes care of it with such class
And sometimes he gets bored at home. 

I'm the luckiest wife :)

Feb 6, 2014


This blog post might be a bit boring because it's just a bunch of pictures of two hot people... PSYCHE! Like anyone EVER gets sick of looking at pictures of hot people!?
So after most of the wedding festivities/finals/Christmas were over, we headed on down to Florida

 We played in the wawa
 Husband bought me a hat
 Then we set sail on a cruise to the Bahamas! The weather was a bit interesting, so we didn't get to go to our first island, but we got off in Nassau and rented a scooter. I dare you to say we don't look adorable in our gomer helmets.
 I got to stare at this all day. Yes please. 
 I really like this picture. Don't I look like a 6 year old? 
(please excuse the lack of pants. They are illegal in the island countries)
There was a man on the side of the road in a shack with a sign that said, "Locally grown mangos $2" so of course we got one. We ignored the "Grown in Brazil" sticker on the bottom. 
Is brazil local to the Bahamas? How did we miss it?
 We white

 I just barely noticed the background of this picture. Ew. 
 We cruised around Miami on a vur tall bus. 
 This guy told Garret that this hamburger would allow him to walk on water and sing like Justin Bieber. Little did he know that Garret already does that stuff. Yep.