Apr 30, 2011

I'm starting a new version of poetry. Let me know if this sounds whiny.

I don't know what to do.
I'm on my knees beggin.
Please oh please don't leave me answerless.
I have to start somewhere.
I have to have a goal.
So I'm here.
Trying to calm my brain.
Trying for so long to go the way that will benefit all the most.
Trying to find my goals.
So pick me up.
Carry me across these silly waters.
Tell me I'm being a dork.
Remind me that it really doesn't all matter.
Remind me that I can remain healthy through it.

I tried new shoes.
I tried chocolate.
I got plenty of sleep.
I took the top off my car.
I rode my bike.
I laughed.
I flirted with a guy on the freeway.
I had wonderful conversations with wonderful people.
I read.
I pray.

What the heck am I talking about?
It took me 2 minutes, should I try a better one?

Apr 25, 2011

Jayne is so pure

Jayne didn't enjoy the title of my last post, since it was on her blog's wall and everything, and since it was so evil, so this is for you dear glorious sister on high:
A couple days ago I took the kids on a walk to the park.

After what seemed like hours (5 minutes) of trudging through the woods, we finally reached civilization. Ellie hooped for froyduh (you heard me).
Jayne (Jr.) needed a little help

Jake enjoyed his wooden lunch.
Saturday I woke up to this incredonculous morning. SO PRETTY.
I rode down through Redmond, hooked into the river trail, then went around the west side of Lake Sammamish, then up the hill....
Through the pretty 'hood...
And finally landed at the temple!
Such a great ride.
Plus I had this beaut on my leg when I got home.
(Note: My leg is surprisingly clean compared to how it usually looks after a ride. It sometimes takes days of showering to get my long, muscular, model-like, luscious legs back to normal skin color). (long. ha).
Then.... I was reminded that I do still live in Seattle, and 70 degrees and sunny only happens like 2.5 times a year.
Happy Easter! The Williams' invited us over for dinner, and it was the prettiest thing ever. Not to mention how absolutely delicious the meal was :)
Who are those guys? I feel so sorry for whoever might be related to them.

In other news... Check out these overly talented young'ns:

Happy Easter everyone! Love ya!

Apr 21, 2011


Last weekend I had the pure joy of visiting my family in Utah!
"Mom, take a picture of Cami holding me up"
There we go, much better.
Of course the weekend included a bride shower for my mom's cousin's son's fiancee. Blond girl party!! It was awesome.
I also had the privilege of witnessing a wresting match between Babo and Lainey. Lainey won.
Mom, Nah and I made a trip to O-Town for pedicures...
A Del Taco picnic...
"in-your-dreams" shopping...
And Grandma Gwen watching :)
I was able to watch a 3-year-old consume an entire artichoke in her high chair
I had 3 servings of crem bruelee...
Dad had 10...

And Nahburt and I....
Acted like Nahburt and I.
I ate lots of Del Taco.
And my blessed mother made me breakfast every morning
Babo and I drove to Jayne's.
This is him trying to wipe chunky peanut butter off of Hanna's car window.
Dad: "Why is it that when teenagers like each other, they vandalize their things?"
That car is TOE UP. Toe up.
Who tries to fill up their tires under 6 inches of water, that is what I would like to know.
Mountain Greenians, I guess.

Love them.
Did I mention it rained?
... A lot?
This is the Nile river, aka my driveway.
And King Tank, keeping watch over his prideland.
(Lion King, anyone?)
See, I'm not the only one who savors my Del Taco.
Aaannndd... back in the airport. I may or may not have been the only one taking pictures of the half bodies in the roof.

The end!

Thanks family! I had a blast :)

Apr 12, 2011

No solid theme

I have a whole bunch of way random pictures from the past couple weeks, so I'm just going to throw them all out into the void and let you judge me however you want.
Jake has this deal where he sneaks into the bathroom and plays into the toilet. I guess he thinks he's a cat. Usually we're pretty good at keeping all the doors closed, but I was home alone all week and he's a pretty fast dude. I guess I didn't close it all the way.
I hadn't seen my wallet in a while, but I hadn't really been looking. My friend Christi came over, and when she walked into the bathroom she yelled, "CAMI! THERE'S SOMETHING IN YOUR TOILET" Me and Tabitha ran in there and she pulled out my wallet. Pretty sure it had been in the toilet for days.
When Jake and I weren't putting and taking things out of the toilets, we went on walks to the pond.
My girls came over again and I, being incredibly domestic, made lots of bread. Banana for Tab since she's allergic to Zucchini, and Zucchini for Christi since she's allergic to Banana. It made for a lovely snack.
This is my view from my spot on the bus. I sit the same place every day. And I always get 59 cent tea from Starbucks before I get on the bus. And I always throw my cup away in the same garbage can on the sidewalk when I'm walking to my office. And I always listen to Sweet Disposition, because... it just works as a walk-through-the-city song.
I need to switch things up a bit.
Our Australian friend stuck this tattoo on Jake's head at International Night. And there it remained for days.
I have a very pregnant friend named Beth, and she owed me a pedi for kissing some kid in Whistler.
Need I say anything?
I can never stop taking pictures of Jayne and Claire
Swim lessons! I love taking the girls to swim lessons. It's so warm and steamy in there...
This was supposed to be a picture of the Space Needle... but for some reason it turned out teenie tiny in the pic. Bummer.

The end!