Mar 25, 2014

Cape Lookout

Once upon a time Garret and I were in a singles ward and Garret lived with our bishop. We were all nice and close. Now that we're married, poor Bishop Braddy starts missing us lots, so he invites us to do random things with him.
This trip was no exception
 We left home at 4am and drove through Virginia and the better part of North Carolina to a town called Harker's Island (I'm not sure I'd call it an "island"... more like a high marsh). We got there a bit early, so we cruised around town while we waited for the Braddy's to arrive. 
 When I'm old, I'm definitely putting a sign like this in my yard
 There were trillions of stores like this - people's collections of real life treasures for sale. We figured we could find some funny junk for cheap, but instead we just found a bunch trash and it was NOT cheap. Porcelain bunnies - $20. Broken seashell - $15. Fake apples - $7 each. Picture of a galloping horse on the beach with a rainbow - $35. Sounds like a solid business model to me! Except we decided nothing had ever been bought, and that's why there wasn't any room to walk around. Great for I Spy though! 
 We did a little trespassing onto a dock and had our lunch by the sea
 Don't make fun of him - it was vur bright. 
Then the Braddy's showed up to ferry us to Cape Lookout! 
I'm not sure who's idea it was to go camping in March, but it turned out FANTASTIC. And the boat ride was a good time. (Don't you just love Bishop Braddy in this picture?!)
30 minutes at sea and we found ourselves at Cape Lookout, which is part of The Outer Banks. The Outer Banks are these weird sand bars out in the ocean in South Carolina and they are so strange but so pretty. Please bless you look it up on Google Earth right now. We camped at the base of the lighthouse.

 It only takes about 5 minutes to walk across, and the other side has big waves, surfers, shells, you name it. 
 We camped on the inside. Weeeeee. 
We got there on a saturday and arrived at high tide, so after an hour the boat was nicely beached. We explored for a while then set up camp and built a fire and hung out with some of our old single friends :)
We all got up early Sunday morning to pack up and head back to Harker's Island for church, but we realized that it was again low tide and our boat was 20 feet from water. So we slept in then had some Beach Olympics! Check out Garret's form... he totes won! We also saw a bunch of dolphins.... I've never seen dolphins while camping before, that's for dern sure. Then the tide came in and we left :)