Aug 21, 2010

Best Friend's Wedding

Yesterday my best friend Shannon Thompson got hitched. Aside from this being way weird, I have never seen her so happy in my life. And if you know Shannon, you know that she is one of the happiest people in this world all the time. I was one of 3 bridesmades, and to put things lightly, we almost got heat stroke 10 times from dancing so hard ALL DAY. I haven't gotten out of bed yet, so I can't say this is actual fact, but I'm thinking my legs and feet are black and blue. Pumps are such a joke. I hate them lots. But it was so worth it :) Here are some random pictures from the day, I didn't take them, so be warned. Enjoy!

Call Lo RAD oh!!!!

Alright, so last week the smaller version of our family headed to Colorado! The trip started out pretty sketchy when dad took the wrong exit and we ended up waaaay out in some field next to this lovely barn that was tipping over.

you might not be able to tell, but this baby is about to be done with life.

Nah and I got bored.

A couple hours later Babo decided he wanted to see the Green River airport. Wahoo! This place is half airport, half secret Kepsel workplace. Those kepsels are pretty entertaining.

Nevertheless, Nah and I couldn't help but play on the runway. Then Levi kicked us off.

After about 7ish hours we finally made it to Glenwood Springs! This is a teenie town known for... Umm... I don't know what it's known for, but this pool is incredible. It's something like 406 feet long, and it is a constant 92 degrees. Aaaahhh!! I love hot spring pools

Babo is obsessed with ice cream wherever we go, and hanna got a little anxious while eating hers.

I decided that was a good way to go

Aw, aren't we precious?!

One night the 'rents ditched us, so we went to this super sketchy mexican place for dinner. And it was AMAZING.

We also went mini golfing. Hanna and I are expert mini golfers. I beat the snap out of Nah.

Our ending scores were +21 to +27. Oh yeah.

We also took a bus thang 16.6 miles up a canyon, and the dude just kicked us out of his van, handed us some bike things, and said good luck.

Actually that's a lie, it was all quite lovely. But that is a looong ride! Especially for wimps like us!

I passed this flower and had to stop for a pic

Dad thought it was funny, so he had to take a pic of me taking a pic

The path was pretty interesting at times. I want to say we're in some crazy slot canyon, but... we're actually under the freeway.

This is my mom.... yeah.

The river was kinda cool. I guess.

Hanna has this weird 8th sense, and she sometimes decides to look in odd places for random things.

This time she got lucky. No GPS involved here!

We're hottttt

That night we hated Hanna and locked her in a phonebooth.

Then we headed to Aspen! It was a lovely little town. Hanna and I tried to catch a gondola up the hill, but.... sigh. So many disappointments.

So we drove up the mountain instead!

We ended up 12,000+ feet on earth. It was cold. I felt like a birdie.

Oh how I love our strange family vacations :)


I would like to take a moment to welcome a new worldly item into my family. Her name is Mora. She is hot.

Luckily for me, I have a Babo who loves Mora the Alfa Romeo as much (or more) as I do, so if any little thing goes wrong, he is more than happy to drop whatever he is doing (unless that thing happens to be working on his bike) to pop the hood (that goes up backwards, by the way. A must for awesome cars I guess) and spend a day exploring the Italian engine. I must admit, I got pretty giddy when I saw the oil cap that said olio. I'm not sure what is going to happen when winter rolls around, but for now I love cruising around in lil Mora :)