Jul 24, 2014

Part of growing up

Last month I made a very stupid mistake. I bought a Mini Cooper that was falling apart. I wanted one so bad for so long, I needed a car, I found it, and made a very impulse decision. It continued to fall apart, cost me lots, and the charm wore off quicker than a fly dies after being run over by a drag car.

This time around I decided to go with my gut. So we bought this :

I have officially moved on to a whole new level of hippie. This car screams hippe-intellectual. Of which I am not. However, I cannot help but fall in love with this small (albeit slightly funny-looking) green bean. Why?

- It doesn't break down every day
- It tells me where to go (navigation! Woohoo!)
- The soft leather seats beckon me to stay and keep me comfortable
- It is very cheap to feed
- It is simple yet sophisticated
- It is stunning on the inside and beautiful on the outside

I named her Jayne :)

Jun 24, 2014

The spring that happened sometime back there

Just realized that I never posted about our SPRING! Spring was fantastic. We traveled to Utah to visit my fam, which I hadn't really spent time with for... hm... 2 years? It was great. Since I don't feel like talking, I'll talk with pictures.
 Shopping at TJ's with all of Jayne's minions. They thought they were in the Indi 500.

 Then the childless-but-married-Christensen-offspring (Han and I + hub'ns) went to Moab.
Playing Airplanes on a rock.
 Playing dump-your-wife-off-a rock.
 Playing awesome on a rock.
 Playing Asian Invasion on a rock.
 Playing deal with having an Asian Invasion on a rock.
 Playing with my new Asian Invasion sibling on a rock.
 Asian-de-invasing on a rock.
 And again. On a rock. 
 Admiring the rocks on a rock.
 Garret playing with his new invisible hover board on a rock.
 Asian stuck in a rock. 
 Asian more stuck in a rock. 
 Asian with his head stuck in a rock. 
 Asian playing with his new anti-gravity shoes on a rock. 
 Heading out to shoot rocks. 
 Hot husband assault-rifeling rocks. 
 Making sure all the rocks are dead. 
 Oh. Oops. That was fun. 
 This is my husband's first red rock adventure. 
 Half way into the Fiery Furnace, he noticed something strange clinging to the inside of his pantleg. He dug in there and pulled it out. It wasn't a rock. It was more undies. They came in handy later. 
 Millie took a liking to him.
 We all took a liking to Jayne's stream. 

 Then we had the privilege of visiting one of my favorite people in this whole wide world: GRANDMA NETTE. 
If you want to feel like a pile of beat up jello, go visit G-Nette. She won't give you the option. You must try her new massage chair. It changed my world. 

Then we went home. 

Jun 9, 2014

The Graduate

If anyone has seen The Graduate, I'm very sorry. It's a horrible movie. Don't watch it. What you SHOULD watch is my blog post that is about to happen. Much better. 
 For graduation week, we got extra spoiled. Momma Kristen took us to get pedicures, which is kinda my favorite thing ever. One thing I love about this family is that they make me feel like a normal sized human being. The kiddie chairs fit us way better then the normal grown up chairs. 
 We got jazzed up for the Senior Banquet.
(Actually the only reason for this picture is to show off my hott calves and G's new dope suit. Duh).
 Garret had to go up about 29127932 times to receive various awards. He pretty much won everything. Sigh... I love this man. 
 Cute mom and son
 Sister Dalton voted Garret and I "Cutest Couple". See? I told you we won all the awards!
 Geet and Mr Joe. Mr Joe is the best. 
 Receiving his diploma from Provost Sowell and VP Doxey

 We must be sisters
 One word: Broship. That's what happens when your bishop is your bro. (And your boss/roommate/mentor/leader) 
 This picture cracks me up every time. Bubba is a very large man, but this picture makes Garret look like a 2 year old. HA. 
 These peeps got Garret through school. The Posse. We love them.
 Our bestie, Georgina.
  A shout-out to Zach and Taylor who took two over-night flights just support the grads and hang out with us for 6 hours. You guys are the best.
 Then we all went to a bar and got sloshed. not. 
See? Told you I married an amazing dude. 

Jun 3, 2014


As some of you may know, since last October I have had the absolute privilege to live in a very unique, beautiful, diverse, middle-of-nowhere town in the hills of Virginia named Buena Vista (pronounced BEEOO-nah Vih-stah). (Seriously. None of this bwenah veestah stuff. They'll shoot you. Look it up). Everyone just mostly calls it BV, if they're cool. 
File:Buena Vista Sign.jpg
That's right.
I was one of the 6002, but I did meet the 3. Lovelies. 
Buena Vista, VA : View from Glen Maury Park

See? BEEOOtiful. 
Also, this:

Anyway, after dating a certain man for some time (a whole 6 weeks!) we were wed. This you know. 
 We lived in our first home for 10 days, then moved into a lovely apartment on the other end of town.
Apparently, one can become very creative in a someone-hum-drum-town. Ain't he cute?! It was scary at first, but I have now come to accept him. 
 Some friends of ours invented a game called "Wall Ball" and we played a few times on campus. I started calling it "Bwalls" and it stuck. The head of the Board of Trustees just made plans to put in a Bwalls court on campus. Thank you very much :) 
 Many of our saturdays were spent in the lovely company of our friends Mitch and Cassidy at the baseball field. Mitch pretty much owns that field and was so fun to watch. Go Knights!
 Turns out it's not very easy to take a picture of a swinging person. But here we have The Swing - a huge tree swing by the river. We loved hanging out there. (Ha!! I'm punny).
 We ate lunch sometimes. 
 And flewd some kites at the park
 And ate crepes to the sound of Prophets. 
 One day my hub'n introduced me to a very strange park in Lexington. Lexington is to BV as Eagleton is to Pawnee, if you know what I mean. 
Anyway, this park had a lot of strange but amazing things in it. As I got carried away here...
 ...my man-friend got carried away here.
I guess his name was Frederick, but we just called him Man Turtle, or MT. We stole him from the park and domesticated him so fast. 

 Our last week in The Beeve was a good one. 
 We packed up
 And said goodbye to Southern Virginia.
Also, Good-Lookin graduated!! Watch for that post cummin up next.