Sep 29, 2011

Summery Stuff Part One

This summer has been perfectly exquisite.
MY BLONDE FAMILY CAME TO UTAH!!! I love these girls. We got pedicures in Park City :)
I went with them to get their family pics taken. It was gorgeous. Plus I love them.
Whilst walking through a parking garage in the big SLC, I came across the most beautiful sight I had ever seen in a parking garage in the the big SLC.
(This was before I got lost in the same garage trying to find Mora, then found out I was in the wrong Marriot Garage. I only had to walk 6 blocks to the right one, no big deal).
One thing I love about summers is spontaneity. I love when my dad says, "I just bought a machine on Ebay, it's in California, who wants to come?" 
And the next morning (or sometimes within the next couple hours) we are on the road. This time we got a late start, so we stayed in Vegas at my cousin's wonderful abode. Did I already blog about this? Huh. I'm loosing it.
It wouldn't be a road trip without carefully carving out the bean dip.
Haps Births, CJ! We celebrated with the Kloepfers in SoCal. Mmmm :) 
(What shirt am I wearing? I don't remember that one).
One word, folks. Potato Tacos. On the beach. It's like a fluffy dream of amazingness.
Beth has this new way of playing in the sand. She carves stuff. Not only does she look super hawt doing it (as does she in all things), but it turned out uber sweet! Plus it was a heart. And those are sweet. Or somethin.
JoJo and Babo on the rocks.
Someone invent a drink.
Moving on...
One morning my oldest friend DJ (or Daniel or Deej) called me up and invited me to go to Lagoon. Um, yes. Why not.
We are kinda twins. We met in nursury when both of us were too whiny to let our moms out of the room, and we have looked exactly alike ever since. Except he's 14 inches taller than me. But that's all!
Also this summer I got called into the Young Womans Presidency, so now I got to Mutual! Again! Mutual is so much cooler than any YSA event, and I still get hit on.
This summer, within two short rainy games, I discovered I like baseball.

A nice guy in front of me explained the rules, so I'm kind of American now. 
I said kind of.
(awful picture) I got to meet Olya and her friend Natasha from Ukraine. She is amazing. I hope we stay friends for a long time. She is going to BYU, and told me she won't go back to Ukraine till she's done with school, probably in 4 or 5 years. She's 18. This is an amazing chika.
Before your eyes pop out of your head, WE ARE IN SWIM SUITS. I wouldn't have posted this, but it's just too hilarious. Dad found us this sweet deal to stay at the Stein Erikson Lodge in Park City, and it was ridiculous. We pretended to be fancy, but failed. 
Hanna and I took a 2 hour bath, ate almost an entire package of Oreos, and played Battleship on our phones (complete with live splashing whenever a ship was sunk). It was like we got 10 years younger just by stepping into that tub of bubbly bliss.
Also in PC, we discovered that our dear parents are bigger hippies than we ever imagined. You should have seen them on that slackline. 

This is only part one because I can't find my camera and all these crapollas came off my phone. 
Don't get too excited for part two, ok? 
Now go take a bubblebath, I know you want one.