Jun 20, 2011

Jun 13, 2011

To JoJo and Babo

I listened to this a few days ago and can't help but think about my amazing parents. So I would like to dedicate this song to them :) Love you guys!

Jun 10, 2011

Aunt Jannie

This week my wonderful Aunt Jannie came to visit us.
We started painting the house, and have been painting for the past 4 days. It has been wonderful. She is an incredibly lady.
We always have a list at our house of random projects that need to get done. She decided to tackle the list, as only a Janis Christensen can.
It included climbing on the roof. And she did it with an amazing amount of grace, while at the same time being incredibly entertaining.
We took all possible safety precautions. Jake's crib mattress and a couple couch cushions were more than I ever used climbing, so I was very impressed and pleased with our efforts of safety.
In the end, I'm just so grateful for this lady. Being the wife of a senator, she is very good at being formal and... what's that word for what you become after going to a finishing school? I seriously can't remember. PROPER! There we go. But... she can be such a nut! Painting ceilings at 11pm, listening to Ben Folds, and listening to her stories about playing pranks on her neighbors is a memory I shant soon forget.
I don't know why, but for some reason I feel like I have a lot on my plate this weekend. I really don't, compared to the big picture of life. A test tomorrow, and a couple deadlines next week. I have those all the time. But my iron is low and for whatever reason I just can't seem to make it through my day without collapsing. (Last night the collapse part happened because I tripped on Jaynie's toy high chair in the dark and my head went into the oven of her toy kitchen. I have battle wounds and 6.2 pounds of hurt pride to prove it.)
Eh Hem...
Thank you Janis for saving me this week, you are an amazing woman :)
Also this week my buddy Clark (Kristi... sorry hun) showed me Waverly Beach Park on Lake Washington. It was freezing and uber windy, so we just ran out to the end of the pier then got back in the car, but it was gorgeous and I want to have a uber classy dinner out there someday.
Just thinkin out loud here.
I keep finding myself in the strangest, most gorgeous and random places. A couple days ago I had to drop Mora off at her doctor's for a little intestinal work, and in doing so had to ride the bus home. I switched buses downtown at this interesting "park". I think it's called Westlake Park, and some true Seattlite is going to hate me for this because I know it's wrong, but I think it is somewhere close to the Belltown district. (Actually, it's probly in the Westlake district. Go figer). Anyway, it's an obscure little spot in the middle of the city where people just go hang out, play giant chess, eat weird food, and moms try to keep their kids out of the fountain. I rather liked hanging out there for a few minutes.
Aaanndd.... that's the end of my story.
PS Mora is so much better now! Engine Mount repair and some other mumbo jumbo garage talk did her wonders. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, now that my dash lights work and I can see how fast I'm going after dark.
Some things I'd rather be oblivious to.

Jun 6, 2011

Mercer Island high school lacrosse state champs!

Last week the Bernal's were awesome enough to invite me to Connor's State Championship lacrosse game at Memorial Field at the Seattle Center. I had only ever been to one lacrosse game ever, but I'm becoming a fan. It is so brutal.
It was pretty funny to be there with Bernal's, because they are very loud, intense Colombians. All the other parents look to Fernando and Rosi to get the crowd hoppin :) The stadium was PACKED. (But just on one side. Don't make fun of my empty-stadium pics).
The game was between Mercer Island and Bainbridge Island - HUGE rivals. Connor is the team captain (has been since sophomore year, crazy kid) and has lost the past 3 championship games to Bainbridge by 1 or 2 points.
This game was pretty nerve racking.
BUT THEY WON!!!! 5-3!
After the game, Garret was talking to his sister:
"Did you enjoy that game?"
"Me either."
And I believe them. They were freaking out the entire time. I have never seen Garret so close to bursting at the seams. Pretty sure the whole family walked out of that stadium with brand spankin new hernias.
Cute brothers :)
In other news... We are thinking about letting Garret adopt Jake, since they are lovers and never wish to be separated.

Jun 3, 2011

The saddest of all shakedowns

So I guess here is the plan:

  • Sell Mora
  • Garret drives me to Utah on July 3rd with all my stuff
  • Move into my old room
  • Try to work somewhere
  • Remain car-less
  • Go to school in August.
I am happy to be moving home. I'm just not so excited about the leaving Seattle part. Or the selling Mora part :(
I usually love changing my life around, but for some reason I just can't seem to dig this plan.

Jun 1, 2011

Going for it.

Last Monday I was having lunch with my good friend Kristi Klark Kent. She suggests we drive to California. I accept. We run home and pack our bags.
Her wonderful, newish car had something minor wrong with it, but it was no big deal because Mora is a champ and can go anywhere!
We hit the road
It's about 5 hours from Seattle to the Oregon Coast, but luckily we had a lovely view the whole way

Because who doesn't like dinosaurs, that is what I would like to know
We forgot utensils, but not to worry! I had scissors in the glove box!
Peanut butter on my elbow

Did you know we are legit surfers?

We crossed about 27 bridges on the 101
Then out of nowhere, Mora stars whining about something. Mooommmyyyy I want to go hooooome!!!! NO MORA! WE CANNOT GO HOME!
We were miles from anywhere, but for some reason there was a trusty KOA miles from anywhere too, and they hooked us up with some oil. Mora was satisfied and we continued on our journey.
That lasted for a whole 12 minutes. Then she started whining again, and it was getting late, and it started raining, so we pulled over in Gold Beach and found this hoppin pizza place. It was a party, I don't even have words.
We made it 15 minutes from the Cali border :(
Very long, sketchy story short, we stayed in Gold Beach at the Motel 101, and in the morning we turned around and headed back up the Oregon coast.
We found this dashing little garage, and they hooked Mora up with some new spark plugs.
She was very happy after that.
Did you know that you can drive a convertible in the rain and you won't get wet? Truth in it. Except when you stop at 23094219038417 stoplights through the tiny towns. I took cover under my sun visor.
Klarky took a nap.

All we wanted was a little adventure, and that is exactly what we got :)

Thanks Klarky!