Jun 30, 2009

sushi and missing skin

Yesterday I got to hang out with Aunt Melanie, Sam, and their adopted son Thomas. (Hahaha not really... he just seems like another brother). We went to this sushi place for lunch, and they have these little boats that float around with food on them and you just take what you want off of the boat. Clever!
Aw so precious! (Sorry Thomas, Sam's head got in the way hehe:)
The dumpster is all the stuff the cleanup peeps have pulled out of Mel's old burned apartment, and below it Sam and Thomas are bringing in the new furniture. woot!
Boxes are fun
This pretty much sums up life I think

After all that I went to FHE and pretended to be a missionary. There were some people from the ward behind doors at the Stake Center and we went around and tried to get appointments and stuff. The real missionaries were there, and they were pretending to be a gay couple. SO FUNNY! Sam played a drunk.... he did an excelent job too:) After FHE we all went swimming in Jamie's pool in the dark. We played Marco Polo for like 2 hours. I lost a few pounds of skin off the bottoms of my feet, so this morning I got to use my incredible doctoring skills to try to salvage any remaining skin still attatched to the underside quarters of my toes. Cute!

Jun 29, 2009

I've got skiiiillzzz

Bow hunting skills.... computer hacking skills... num chuck skills... and eating watermellon and reading skills :)
Yes, I made a real dinner. And it was actually kinda good. At least I thought it was good... I dunno, ask Diana
I love these peeps :) Aren't all you Utahns jelous? ;)

Jun 26, 2009

Tired... and lucky

If I have one statement to make, it's that there is never a dull moment in my life right now. And if there is, it's because I want there to be. But I've realized that not all people like to be super busy all the time like me. Take dearest Peter for instance. I'm pretty sure he likes to be bored all the time. I thought I was being a genius by introducing him to the sport of Ice Blocking. (Diana informed me that this was a Utah thing. Ha! The world is missing out!) So we drove around for over an hour looking for grocery stores that had blocks of ice. No such place. It also didn't help that neither of us know our way around here good enough to find the stores in the first place, haha:) So.... We went to In-N-Out. I was overly excited about this, being Utahn, but Peter wasn't so stoked. So I took him to Game Stop, then we came home:( Oh well, my search for Ice Blocks isn't over! Hehe! (I haven't quite figured out the picture posting thing, so sorry, these are a little bit out of order) Check out that bored, sad face.... ouch.

Last night I was really craving some sugar since I had cheerios for breakfast and a salad for lunch, so at about 9:30pm I went to PF Changs for some chocolate cake. I felt so old sitting there at the bar by myself eating a piece of cake bigger than me and watching ESPN, but when I started laughing at myself I knew I was still a little kid :) Sam was working, and he said him and his girlfriend Jamie were going to Transformers after work, so I waited around for him to finish up his tables and we went to a movie. Craaaaazy. Good movie, but too much extra poop that didn't need to be in there.
Earlier that day I went furniture shopping with Aunt Melanie. She cracks me up. (sorry this one's kinda blurry)
This is Merlin and Lucy playing ball on the front lawn. If Merlin would ever drop the ball, this would be a pretty fun game. But he just sucks on it for a while, then we go inside. Whatever.

This morning I sent in my resume to a company that does office work for a bunch of doctors in the area (at least that's what I understood.... I'm not even quite sure haha) and a couple hours later a guy called me about it! He asked me about Italy and a couple other jobs I've had, then he asked about going to Weber High and I told him it's in Ogden Utah, and he said, "I graduated from Weber High about 100 years ago" HALLELUJA!!! What are the chances?! I have an interview next week! :D The church is true!

Jun 24, 2009

Stinky puppies and baseball

Wow, I'm a bit exhausted. But definitely happy :) This morning I slept in a lot more than I usually do (about... 9:00? huh.) then Peter and I walked the dogs around the greenbelt. There are two dogs - a boxer/lab mix named Merlin (one of the strongest dogs I have ever tried to keep under control) and some little fluffball named Lucy. They're super calm till they see other dogs, then they FREAK OUT. I'm glad Peter was walking Merlin, cause he..... yeah. I don't know how he held on!
After walking the dogs Peter went to a water park with one of his friends and I went to visit Aunt Melanie. Last week there was a fire in her apartment and pretty much everything got ruined. Everything that was in a closet or box or cupboard was fine, but all the furniture and TV and stuff got nastified. So I went over there and helped her clean up and get things organized in her new apartment, and it was crazy but way fun :) Tommy and Sam are NUTS. We sang opera the whole time, I'm sure the neighbors are so excited to have people like us around, hehe.
Peter had baseball practice tonight, so I went to the park and watched for a while. He's on an all-star team, and they're amazing. Seriously, I've never seen kids play baseball like that before. Awesome!
I sat on the grass and read my book.... aaahhh... it was so nice. I've been reading a lot since I've been here. Not really out of boredom either, I just really like to read all of a sudden. I bought four novels at Goodwill yesterday ($1 each! Woot!) and right now I'm reading one called A Painted House by John Grisham. It's farntarstic :)
Welp, that's all for tonight! Ciao!

Jun 23, 2009

Life Happens

I was looking for a picture of a little birdie that would somehow signify my "leaving the nest" this week or something along those lines, but after studying this picture for only a few seconds I decided this is way more significant :) I'm a little birdie enjoying my quiet afternoon californian sun, but who knows what could be trying to eat me behind my back :)
Ok, so here's a little trip lot of my journey out here. Growing up, I always hated making all those "dad stops" on our way to where ever our family was going. It seemed to take hours to get out of Ogden. But.... trying to get out of town was so hard! I even had to go to Goodyear. Definitely a dad thing:)
Second stop was at Doug's office to pick up my insurance. They all freaked out when I told them my car I was trying insure was out in the parking lot all packed up and on it's way to California for an indefinite length of time, hehe
Third stop, K Mart in Bountiful. I had to get KapriSuns and Oreos!
Fourth (and first of 4 stops here) Chevron. I hate Chevron. Way over priced, and placed so that you have no option but to go there. Ugh.
My plant Claire liked looking out her window at the desert. Then we had a little episode at the Agriculture check thing but.... She made it here with me :)
I got a lot of strange looks:) At first I thought it was because of my little car packed full of stuff, but maybe it was just my incredible dance moves I was throwin down in the driver seat
Ball tree! Woot! I'm officially going somewhere!
Nevada state line... I somehow missed the Cali one :( (Maybe because it's off in the trees somewhere on Donner pass??)
I found ways to amuse myself.
Then I drove THROUGH A MOUNTAIN. I'm sort of amazing like that.
Who would name their gas station Terrible's? Oh wait. It was terrible. I remember.
So.... Basically... The trip here was great. I had an ugly-face-making contest with myself, and a few times I got really scared:) I rolled down my window and timed myself to see how long I could go with my tounge hanging out. (Eventually a bug got in there and I called it quits. I made it like 30 seconds though! Woot!) I sang really loud to Queen. (Still stuck in my head! Sorry Diana) I played the you-can-only-breathe-when-you-pass-a-road-sign-or-a-semi-truck game. (Then I almost passed out... not a good plan.) I recieved many pictures of a really fat guy from Churro who swears it was him before his mission, but I'm thinking he wasn't sumoan before he left. I danced a lot. I ate lots of junk food. I turned off Brian Regan because I couldn't appreciate him yelling IN MY FACE. Other than that.... I just drove and got a really numb butt. The End!

Jun 15, 2009

I heart Hogle

This morning I went to The Hogle Zoo with my friend Brad. It was super random, but we had a good time. Well.... It was interesting anyway :)
These guys didn't like us too much...
We had these little kids stalking us. It was adorable and kinda creepy.
What's up with his leg?


As we were leaving, Brad said, "Yeah.... It was much cooler when I was two feet tall." Haha! Sorry man

Jun 7, 2009

I love old people!

Last week I had the privilege of taking my Grandma Gwen to the beauty parlor to get her hair done. It was one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life! If she knew I was taking pictures of her, there's no telling what kind of damage she would have done:)

She was absolutely ravishing when she was done too :)

Jun 6, 2009

Hahahha life is soooo random...

Wow, I really wish I had some pictures to go along with this post, but I still haven't taken the buy-a-camera plunge, so you'll just have to use your creative little imaginations:)

Alright, so A few nights ago Hanna and I were getting ready for bed and decided to watch some Wipeout on YouTube. If you have never seen Wipeout, I would definitely recommend it:) So funny! At about 12:30am my friend Tanner called and said he and my other friend Shannon were hiking Ben Lomond and they invited Hanna and I to go. So we got all adrenaline-rushed and started to get ready, then the hike got called off. Then we ended up creating music fusion on my piano/bongo drums/computer all night. It was entertaining:)

This morning I went to work at Willard Bay, and it was soooooo slow, agh, my boss and I were dying. Our shop closes at 7, but it was dead so we closed up at about 5:50:) As I was driving home, Tanner called me again and said they had just started hiking for real this time, so I drove up the pass and started hiking after them. Weeelllll.... Being the dumb teenager I am, I started hiking in my work clothes (aka swimsuit, shorts, and Chacos) with no jacket, water, or dinner. (I did stick a CapriSun in my pocket though... that kept me hydrated for all of 2 seconds!) I got about 2 miles up the trail and started feeling sick (Ok fine, I was running up the trail, trying to catch everyone) so I said a little prayer and Heavenly Father told me to go home:( So I hiked back down to my car and went to Lees Market. I bought two packs of Ramen and my total was .35 cents. It might have killed me, but it was tasty and (barely) within my budget. Then I went swimming at Grandma Gwen's! Wahoo!!! It felt amazing.

Now I'm home.... alone... tired... bored... hmmm...............