Dec 13, 2009


Need I Say Anything?

Happy Birthday Lainey!

Check out that good-looking 2-year-old! What a cutie!

And that cake was not only gorgeous, it tasted fantastic too! Great party Tesser!

Dec 7, 2009

I really kinda wish this had sound :(

So I have this sister named Jayne...

And I love her lots

Most of the time we do things without thinking first
That's probly what happened when she married this lovely number
But I think she's hot
One time we wanted to race the Jamacans. So we made our own bobsled team.
She wasn't so sure about the idea
But then we pretty much won. Did I tell ya'll she's great? And that it was her birthday? And I have many more pictures of her but I don't want her to kill me? Love Ya Jayne!

Nov 23, 2009

Kalai and twopsychosbeingboredwhilethe'rentsareout

This guy is not only an amazing musician, but absolutely hilarious.
My friend Sara and I sat next to the Scheuermans.... That was a good time. Nice face, Neil.
Nah thought it would be comfy to lay on the slackline. HA!
I died a little bit.
I took this as I was falling out of my hammock... (Please don't make fun of what we're watching, if you can tell hee hee)
It took us four episodes before we finally realized there is no way for two people to be normal and comfortable in a hammock. Whatev.

Experimenting with the new Camerararara....

Weird clouds at sunrise... We're being invaded!
Who are those two dorkboys?
Now I know where I get all my good looks
I heart my valley, eh? 745 pride!
This makes me a bit giddy...
I really kinda like this picture for some reason. I don't know what it is, it just makes me go ooooo.... Somethin's brewin up there...

Did someboday say Yurt Trip? I'm in.

A couple weeks ago I volunteered to go up to work on our yurt in Bloomington Canyon, Idaho. I work at the Outdoor Program at WSU, and we take care of the yurt and organize trips up there and all that jazz. I think it's quite pretty.

I knew it would be cold... but 10 degrees? Yes ma'am
Ben thought this was cool and made me take a pic. Gross.
We stopped for bread sticks on our way to Bear Lake, and Ben said these two looked like us. Uh...
You can't really tell, but the left side of the road was normal and the right side was very wintery.
Bloomington Canyon
In the top of the Yurt is a little dome, and I spent some time up there. (See first pic). This is looking at the woodshed/bathroom/secret sauna (sshhhh)
Hangin out up top
I was bored for two seconds
Chop, stack, chop, stack, chop, stack....
Tim was pretty beat. Plus the flu that goes from the wood-burning stove out the roof burned up about 2 hours after we got there. So... we had no heat all night. But somehow I stayed warm in my -15 degree sleeping bag, and I got to see my breath when I woke up, which is always a lovely experience. I smiled.
Driving home was pretty gnarly. But alas I am still alive. Woot!

Nov 18, 2009

Quote of the day

Parked at a gas station in North Ogden:

Grandma Gwen, looking at the people parked next to us: "That guy looks like a Mexican"
Me: "I think he probably is a Mexican..."
GG: "Look at the nice car he's driving... And his moustache... Strange."

Nov 1, 2009

Halloween Part Due

Spiderman and MJ are reunited at last. (Dearest grandmother, I am so sorry about the way your pretty pink dress was used on this dark dreadful night. I told you the dress was for my friend Mike, but you still thought Mike was a girl. If Mike is a girl, I think she looks absolutely dashing in it.)

He was pretty excited about that teenie box of nerds
Run fast, run far!
Tanner (eh hem, Lil' Red) got a wittle bit scared.
When I said "lets boogie" I had no idea what I was about to see.
Then we burned stuff.
And MJ danced with the president. Then I left. The end.

Halloween Part Uno

I think it's kind of strange that halloween can start out so lovely and innocent and delightful, then as the day wears on it becomes all weird. But... I guess all my days are pretty weird, so what am I talking about.
The valley was so dern perdy, I wished I was some sort of photographer so I could atempt to capture it. I failed.
My name is Cami and I like to party.
Who turned on the fog machines in the valley? Probly some psycho person.
I love my grandma dearly. Especially when she makes me these monster morning shakes. I swear this one had lighter fluid in it. Kept me goin all day.
Snowbasin is pretty cool. Me likie.
Woo hoo! Getting closer!
I went to pick up my pass, and I found myself wishing the parking lot will look empty like this on that epic powder day I've been dreaming about all summer. (Hasn't this summer been about 5 times as long as usual? Yup.)
Ogden has it's moments.
I spy The Dubb.
I spy the empty inside of The Dubb.
I spy Cami working for 6 hours by herself and getting so bored she is forced to make Ramen
Hey that's kinda pretty eh?