Feb 20, 2010

I am in love.

My wonderful Atticus came back from Taiwan yesterday morning, and last night we finally got to spend some time together! He is kind of sad that I moved from my home in Nordic Valley because we don't live within walking distance of each other anymore (unless we feel like taking a long moonlight walk together... Ooo.... I just got the chills thinking about it!) but I guess the 10 minute drive won't kill us. So last night he came over and we made spaghetti and watched The Office, then we looked longingly into each other's eyes for about 6 hours. Oh the way they sparkle....! I can't wait to go skiing with him this afternoon, every waking moment we have together is like a fairytale!
Isn't Sherpa the BEST last name?!?!?! So hot right now.

yesterday i watched a movie about schizophrenia. uh..... hm.

Feb 17, 2010


For years I have aspired to be an excellent Asparagus chef. I crave it daily, buy it on the cheap, bring it home, then when I'm feeling mighty fancy, I attempt to cook it. I think all-in-all I have cooked about 6,000 spears, and I've eaten maybe part of about 3 of them. Probly because they come out looking like this.
This particular batch came out of the pan with some of the pan still attached.
This batch was boiled with a sprinkle of lemon. killer.

killer disgusting. WHY ME!?

Feb 3, 2010

Ski, ski, ski, ski, concussion, jazz game, ski ski ski....

Last monday I was skiing with a bunch of buddies and my friend Tanner... umm... sort of went off a jump that i was standing on top of (he couldn't see me, or me him) and... stood on my head in a very fast and surprising manor. Thank goodness for helmets. I felt fine right after, we just sat there laughing our brains out (the spectators couldn't breathe they were laughing so hard) then as we skied down, my head started to hurt a little bit. No big deal, I just got got knocked out of my skis by a person in mid-air. I went and took a psychology exam at school and ended up with a whopping D+. Uh oh. Something isn't right. I went to the choropractor, he set my neck back where it was supposed to be, told me my head was fine, said "drink more water" and sent me on my way. So I headed to a Jazz game!
This is my buddy Robo who's face permanently looks like that. Crazy. ;)
After the Jazz game I loaded up on drugs and spent the next couple days at home on my couch. I guess my body doesn't like concussions very much. (What was Dr. Millet snorting that day? My head was NOT FINE!)
Anyway, I went skiing again this Monday and filmed Tanner doing his trick that he tried to do when I got in his way. So just imagine him doing this but with me about 4 feet from the take off. Or something.