Jul 31, 2010

Ewe, gross

So I'm sitting here trying to think of what to blog about, and I guess I'll just say a couple things about the last few days. I spent some time at the hospital, nothing major, and yesterday I learned that I can't take Lortab because it makes me puke all over. It's suuuuper sexy. So today I learned that I don't have to take the stinkin pills, and I don't have to be a man about it, I can be a WOMAN about it and just tough it out! And guess what! I'm not even in pain! I know the traditional thing would be to post my gross surgery pictures and videos and whatnot, but I'm pretty sure I would loose my blogger account if I did that, so... I'm going back to bed instead. Peace.

Jul 28, 2010

I'm just weird sometimes, ok?

So I'm sitting here in the middle of the night in my old red room, and I'm supposed to be asleep like 10 hours ago, but for some reason I just cant bring myself to shut these lids! So I think I'm just going to talk for a while. Usually when I'm in this brain-dead state, I call Jayne. We talk for about 30 seconds till she is brought back to her awesomeness motherhood, and we continue the next 30 seconds a couple hours later.
Anyway, we just went through this trazy storm that sounded like it was ripping the house apart. Serious guys, it was su'm fierce. Then it stopped. But I have a faint feeling my tent is strewn across the property, so I'm staying inside tonight and I'll deal with the lovely aftermath tomorrow! Woot! Plus Nah will be home from her rafting trip, and I can make her help me, muhahaha!
STORY! Ok so today me and my friend Diego were bored, so we drove up to Camp Atoka in South Fork to tube down the river (eh hem, stream). There was a HUGE stake girls camp going on, but none of us seemed to mind. And we almost got lost in the woods when we were hiking up stream. That's another tale. Anyway, we floated down it twice, and the second time there were these three fat ladies standing on a bridge as we were cruisin under it, and they were like "Hey, are you part of our girls camp?" And Diego, who has had a lifelong dream of going to girls camp, said "Yes!" I shot him a look (I can't remember which look it was... I have lots) then I told the kind ladies that no, we weren't. (And I almost told the one on the right to hurry off the bridge before we passed under it, for our safety. Don't those things have a weight limit?) (Sorry. I take it back. That was rude.) So then we carry on our journey, and as we were getting out there were these 3 fat guys sitting in a golf cart (poor lil thang), and in a nice old fat guy missionary way they told us to beat it. Ol Dieger almost peed his pants. I'm not sure that cart could have gone very fast, but we ran back to the car just in case.
Hey. You guys. I'm tired. Why am I not going to sleeeep!? Ok. I talked myself into it. Shewie. That was a close one. Ciao!

Jul 27, 2010

BigFeet Storeys and Hawkes

Last night I went to one of the weirdest things I have ever been to. My friend John Storey picked me up and we drove to Huntsville where a crazy amount of people had gathered for a Bigfoot... pow wow? This guy from the valley stood on stage and had people come up and tell about their experiences seeing Bigfoot in the valley and surrounding mountains. It was pretty cooky, but interesting to see people bearing their testimonies about this thing.

Bigfoot was totally hitting on me

I'm serious, this thing went on for about 3 hours. People were almost in tears telling their "experiences"

John tried everything to be just like his ol buddy BF

BF and I... we're BF's 4 ever.

Then we played some tennis at the park with Macky and Jessica. This moth was as big as half his face. Bigfoot's cousin, I think.
Anyway, after all that hoohaw we all went over to the Hawkes house for food and dancing to MGMT in the kitchen. In the end, I was just really happy that I live in the valley. My friends up here... Well, there's something about being raised in the valley that makes you... special ;)

Jul 17, 2010


Summer so far has been fantasticly amazing, to say the least. My sister Hanna (Cornnob) is somehow just as bored as I am, so we... do stuff! We went down to the park to play frisbee, and after about an hour of running madly (we're not too great at the whole frisbee thing, so we get a lot of running in) we collapsed on the ground and took pics of our gorgeous faces. ha.

It was such an awesome evening. Pretty cool how we had this huge park all to ourselves!

The next morning we picked up a couple kayaks and headed to the lake! Why not.
I should have gotten a picture of us with the kayaks... but I'm not that cool. The Subie looked uber sexy though.

After the lake and more frisbee and swimming at gram's, we hiked Big Rock in North Ogden right before dark. The sun had already gone down, but it was so gorgeous!
Here's a little vid just to sum things up. Be afraid.

Thanks Nah for being a dork with me :)

Jul 7, 2010

About 16 hours after my plane landed, I was driving to the lake. My friend Rachel said a bunch of people were going boating, so I went along! Except it felt like it was about 3am to me, and I fell asleep a couple times. oops :)

Ooohhh summer life in the valley... I've never really been a lake person, but all my friends have boats and I've been 3 times in the last week. Weird!

We didn't get on the lake till about 7pm, but boarding in the sunset was ridiculously gorgeous

I'm so happy I came home in time for the 4th of July! I missed Liberty Days last year, and I don't ever want to miss it again. You don't get more "home" than Liberty Days.

My mom was in charge of the eating contests. I'm not going to write anything more about it, because I might throw up a little bit in my mouth.

I was walking along, and there was a kid laying on the lawn completely covered in grass. HAHAHA!!

When it got too hot to be at the park, we headed town to Grandma Gwen's to swim!

I think that of all the things I missed while I was gone, these kids were the highest on the list. It was so great to spend a weekend with them! Love you guys :)

It's my blog, I can post what I want.

Toto, we're not in Montepulciano anymore

My last couple days in Italy were spent with a few friends up in Milano. I was flying out of the airport there, so they told me to come up a couple days early and see the city! It was a whole new Italy I had never experienced. We passed so many things that I didn't know existed in Italy, like Blockbuster. "I didn't know there was Blockbuster in Italy!" "Dat's because you live in Montepulciano" "I didn't know there were parks with grass in Italy" "Dats because you live in Montepulciano" "Your car is automatic!" "Cameeelle, you really need to live in Milano."

The sunsets in Milano were GORGEOUS. The air is so bad, it makes the sun blood red. Pretty neato, I'm thinkin.

They made me take a picture of the gas prices sign because a light was out and it looked like it said "Ciao"

I was supposed to fly out the next morning, but my flight got canceled! So Marco called up his buddy Mauro, and we went to see downtown Milano. These are just a few pictures I got of the Duomo. It was insane. Pictures could never do it justice!

This is me saying "mah please" to Mauro who didn't get off his phone the whole time. If you ever want to get to know a true Italian man, meet Mauro.

Crazy huge buildings everywhere!

They had to show me "Their Stadium" where "Their team" plays. It was pretty incredible. I think I would have had to stand about a mile away to get one whole side of the building in a picture

When you're sightseeing with two Italian men, these are the kinds of things they want you to take pictures of

I have never hung out with two funnier people. Marco and his friend Pietro withstand all stereotypical fantasies of Italian men. We ate pizza, milkshakes, and gelato in Lake Como and it was a glorious evening to say the least. I wish I had more pictures, but we only had about an hour to spend there and it was so dark :( Mauro and their other friend Fillipo came as well, and we all squished into Pietro's tiny car. That was an adventure I shan't soon forget :)
The next morning I got on the plane, and spent the next 26 hours in the air and sitting on hard seats in airports. It was fantastic. I even had Taco Bell in Dallas, which did a fine job of filling that empty mexican food space. (Not exactly real Mexican food, I know, but... it wasn't pasta!) My awesome parents hung out at the Salt Lake airport till about 1am waiting for my delayed flight, then we drove home! To EDEN UTAH. People in Italy always make fun of me when I tell them I live in a place called Eden. One of them asked me if people walk around with fig leaves for clothes. I laugh, then remember the odd people that really do live here, and I don't think it would turn too many heads.
So... I'm home! Everything is exactly the same! (Except my LITTLE sister is towering above me even more, and my Lime tree has died). I think I have transitioned ok, except I do miss a few things. Like walking through town, eating gelato like no one's business, and only having 5 ingredients to make every meal with. But this is home. I'm comfortable here. And I have my family back :)