Jan 28, 2012

I'm going to Seattle tonight!!!! In the words of my dear friend Matt, "You are an addict." 

It's true.

Jan 24, 2012

Blogger iPhone app?!?!?!

Welp, after years and years of waiting impatiently for blogger to come out with an app, it appeared in the app store and I rejoiced. Ask Tess, she was sitting next to me and I almost blew her little baby eardrums out onto the window.
So here is my first post, complete with a random picture from my phone library. Best day ever.

Jan 20, 2012

Jan 19, 2012

Road Trip

Once upon a time ol' Hannie and I got the brilliant idea to drive to Seattle for New Years.
As you can see, the excitement levels were low.
Also once upon a time, Hanna met this ^ nerd named Tom. He let us take his car. Bless him.
This is me gettin my sexy face on in front of the diesel pump. (This was after my sexy face was rubbed off while trying in vain to get the gas cap off. We had to call Tom. He reminded us of the lefty-loosey trick). (This was also after 'Nah realized she left her camera battery in the charger at home. Yay for iPhone cameras!)
Hanna doesn't approve of my wallet, which is very hurtful. 
 A border!
Say what you will about driving through Idaho, but... we got bored. Thanks to Lasting Finish PRO, we were able to spice up our lives and get some beauty pumps. 

This is me trying to dry my fingernails on the heater vents and drive a stick and show off my double chin at the same time. I teach multi tasking classes mon-thurs. Reserve your spot today! 
I drove back to Seattle this time last year, and at this same spot in Idaho one year ago it was -5 degrees. Check my posts a year ago. I think I took a picture. Anyway, this makes global warming almost seem real. 
Hanna had the camera. I guess she wanted to show off her sweaty feet.
This is the Oregon sign. Nice pic, Han. 
 I'm guessing this is the Washington sign... We were too focused on not dying to get a prize-winning pic. Sorry I let you down. 
After driving 20 MPH through the snow for 60 miles with one headlight from Cle Elum to Issaquah, AND LIVING, we broke out the Mormon booze and celebrated our lives.
Aaahhhh my city :)
We spent the next day gallivanting around Seattle. (I'm not sure what the proper meaning of gallivanting is, but I'm hoping it is clean). This is Hanna posing in front of Gabe. (That is what we named Tom's car after he told us we couldn't call it Bonnie Tyler. It's short for gay beetle. We didn't tell him that part).
Mmmm Pike Place. Also note the blue sky. It was for real. 
This is Hanna using her amazing pinky muscles to hold up the Public Market sign. We are descendants of Chuck Norris. I looked it up on Family Search.
Instant hunger cure = BEECHERS. Amazing. (I mean instant after waiting 20 minutes in line, dodging all the beggars in the market, not getting hit by 3813019273 Prius', finding our way through the market, going down ten hundred flights of stairs, getting under the freeway, and finally making it to our picnic spot of choice...)
Pier 36! So creepy. So awesome. 
Ain't she a cutie?!
It was at this moment in time when we decided to take a picture of ourselves. Ha. Let's try again, maybe with different lighting...
Bad idea. Well since our faces are to blame for the horrendous pictures, lets just make the most of it. 

Done and done. 
We almost blew off the pier. So hot right now. 
 For dessert we visited the gum wall.
We continued our tour and finally found the Freemont Bridge Troll. It was under construction (since when has the city cared about the troll?), but the nice construction men allowed Hanna's lovely bubbly buns to rest upon his hand. Scandalous. 
The next day was New Years Eve! We slept all day, then at about 10pm we drug our butts out of bed and met up with good ol' Garret Bernal.
Garret took us to Karry Park to watch the fireworks.  Thank you Hanna for the wonderful picture.
HAPPY 2012!! It was a spectacular sight. The Space Needle exploded. 
 The next day was Sunday... We hung out with Seth and Amy all day :D Have I told you lately that I love them? 
The next day after that was the day we drove home. 
We U-ed the forbidden turn. I didn't want to go to Rexburg. For so many reasons. 
Also I found out that by turning into a ninja, I could sleep almost as well as our awesome Ukrainian friend in the back seat. She wanted a ride, and I was looking forward to picking her brain about growing up in another country, but we couldn't blame her for going unconscious. She really did sleep the whole way from Seattle to Utah. I did not. Hanna isn't the smoothest manual driver. But thanks for the nap, Han :)

In the end it was the most fantastic 4 day vaca we have ever had.  Thanks for being spontaneous with me, Hanna darling.