Jul 24, 2014

Part of growing up

Last month I made a very stupid mistake. I bought a Mini Cooper that was falling apart. I wanted one so bad for so long, I needed a car, I found it, and made a very impulse decision. It continued to fall apart, cost me lots, and the charm wore off quicker than a fly dies after being run over by a drag car.

This time around I decided to go with my gut. So we bought this :

I have officially moved on to a whole new level of hippie. This car screams hippe-intellectual. Of which I am not. However, I cannot help but fall in love with this small (albeit slightly funny-looking) green bean. Why?

- It doesn't break down every day
- It tells me where to go (navigation! Woohoo!)
- The soft leather seats beckon me to stay and keep me comfortable
- It is very cheap to feed
- It is simple yet sophisticated
- It is stunning on the inside and beautiful on the outside

I named her Jayne :)