Apr 17, 2010

Boating, climbing, and skiing. (Yes, in that order.)

Oh, did I ever mention I'm a wakeboarder? I did? Well I lied.
I definitely do not wakeboard. Especially in April.
But this guy did! Most of the ice had melted, but I think Jordan's face is permanently frozen this way.
I decided to wait for the lake to thaw a bit more, and Caleb and I headed up 29th street. It was a perfect day for climbing, and posing in some really dorky places. (Cami+Caleb+a camera=....stay far far away!
We decided to have a disco dancing comp on the rock. Caleb won.
Climbing is a lot more fun than awkward, as you can see.
Well, for the most part, anyway.
I'll have to admit, some of my favorite parts about climbing are the approach and the view from the top of whatever I climbed.
Ogden is pretty from above
Caleb weighs a bit more than me, so he usually makes me an anchor while I belay him in case he falls so I don't slam into the rock. It usually turns out looking something like this.
Switching gears a little bit... This, my friends, is Snowbasin Chili. It's like pure gold in a cup. (It could be pure gold in a bowl... but $9 for a bowl of the stuff is usually way out of my budget. And I don't want the weight of it to slow me down on the slopes, har de har)
This was just a couple weeks ago. One of the best powder days of the year. Did I already show you this picture? I can't remember. But it just makes me go aaaahhhh every time! Today was the last day of skiing, and I was sad that it's all over for the season :(
Isn't this crazy though? Boating, powder skiing, and climbing all within 10 minutes of each other and within the same two weeks? Utah is bizzare. (Ooo.. bizzare is such a good word! I'm totally using that one.)
Bye Bye winter! Time to put up the hammock outside and be lazy!

Apr 11, 2010

A smattering of pics

So today we're taking a walk, and we decided to connect with nature. The Barbie Waterfall stream was making such a peaceful sound and it was just lovely :)
This was a couple weeks ago... I don't even have any words for it.
Lukie is my favorite :)

This photo, like many other photos of Jonah, leave me wondering. What is he thinking? We should start calling him Mona Lisa.
This weekend was the Ogden Climbing Festival, and this is my friend Chris posing in front of his gear demo table. Gotta love my job.
Work could be boring, but... This is my boss. Enough said.