Oct 30, 2010

The Last Soccer Saturday

Twas a dreary rainy one
Every child needs one of these days
Every kick was filled with a face full of mud
Every coach (named Amy) withstood the weather and instructed her team with precision
Rose decided to come enjoy the traziness with us

Ellie and Sam both celebrated their muddy wins :)

Oct 28, 2010

brain monitor meets camithenoncreativemess

Sam's fourth-grade class is having a cake... thing (?), and he was supposed to make one tonight. But he was too busy doing homework, so I helped. He did the brains though :)
Costume pics to come! Stay tuned tomorrow!

Oct 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jayne! (plus a couple other adventures)

This past week was Jayne's 4th birthday, and it was a week long party! Four is a big deal. She is now a big girl. Anyone who calls her a little girl gets pwned.
Since Jayne and I seem to have a lot of time together, I decided to let her show me the 'hood. She took me down to the pond to throw rocks. We decided to only go on walks when it's raining, because splashing in puddles is "so cute", but it has only rained twice since I've been here so we might need to make up a new rule till winter hits.
I think I was a bit jealous of Jayne's party. 7 little princesses, all dressed up, pink and giggles everywhere, no boys allowed.... it was heaven.
We decorated princess hats (which I made. oh yeah. i do crafts.) and danced (i didn't dance though... their teacher would have been mad at me for being a bad example) and had a tea party and went on a fairy treasure hunt (which I made up. oh yeah. i can organize stuff.) It was pretty much dazzling.
She got a couple new princess dresses, and this one is hilarious. Hanna, I promise you wish you had one of these. You can't really tell in the pic, but this thing is 100% frills.
Jayne and Claire -- so cute.
Tip for my brain for the future: if the kids are bored, get out the paints and lock them on the back porch! It worked for like 2 hours! Even Jake found it amusing.
A few days ago I had the privileged of having lunch with Seth and Amy on the Microsoft campus where Seth works. I guess they have multiple cafeterias on campus, and they are pretty awesome. There are all these great food places and you just load up. (I got a kick out of the microsoft soup bowl)
I also found one of my favorite restaurants of all time last week. It's called La Vita E Bella and it's in downtown Seattle, a couple blocks from Pike's Place. It's owned by this guy named Giuseppe (who Amy calls my Italian Lover, cuz I won't stop talking about his amazing restaurant) and he is just so Italian. I loved it.
Of course I ate on the sidewalk. I almost cried from overwhelming nostalgia when I bit into this pizza.
This is my friend Beth. She is actually Amy's friend Beth, but I adopted her into my (teenie tiny) friend circle. It's her birthday tomorrow, so we had dinner and cake after church for her :) Her two boys are SO funny too, I've never met any kids like them in my life.
Yay for Washington! I hate it sooooo much, can you tell? ;)

Oct 8, 2010

FHE, kids, and... more kids.

I attended my first FHE in the singles ward up here a couple nights ago, and it was show and tell night. And... I figure the picture can speak for itself.
Actually it wasn't that bad, just classic and funny to my heart
So... Sam has this whole slew of friends that are as little-boyish as they come. Kyle and Sam think of all kind of crazy things to do - from biking on the crazy mountain trail on little girl bikes to sliding down stairs in cardboard boxes - and every time they hang out it ends up with Sam crying from some injury and Kyle going home. And they do it almost every day!
Last night Jake and I sat in the garage while the kids rode bikes. At one point there were 7 kids out there, cruising around, skinning knees, getting flats, and having roadrage issues. It was awesome.
Welp that's all for today! Later!

Oct 4, 2010

A bit of the life

Well this week has been absolutely incredible, to say the least. I have been here for a whole week (seems like it's been months) and I LOVE it. I have never felt so at peace that what I'm doing is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life right now.
I'm going to just hurry up and apologize so much the fastest for my awful pictures. Really, I promise they're bad. Anyway... This is my house! Well, Seth and Amy's house anyway. I'm staying here for a while, helping with the four kids and trying to keep the house in order. It's basically great. (And I have four palm trees in my front yard! The only ones in Redmond!)
My second day here I brought Jaynie to playgroup, and somehow we got a flat tire. (I had barely gotten over the fact that I could fit a carseat in Mora!) Luckily we got saved by Amy and her dad, so it turned out all right.
And Jayne had to make sure I got a picture of her happy face too :)
A few days ago I drove into Seattle and visited my old friend Jenna. She stayed with us for a wittle while in Italy, and I hadn't seen her in years. She has a cute little apartment and we made some delectable foods :)

That night was date night for Seth and Amy, and they had some friends over after dinner. We played a game called Sedarahc, and it's HILARIOUS. Mom, if you ever find it, BUY IT. It's charades backwards... the team acts out the object while one person tries to guess. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
Napoleon Bonepart
Again, terrible picture, but last night The Crew (3 other families we always hang out with) and us had dinner together, and they boys kept squishing together in the funniest places so they could all watch the 2x3" DS screen. They are such boys.
And now a word from Jayne! (Music video style)