May 27, 2009

My family that isn't Forever

I have decided to post all the materialistic things in my materialistic family. These are pictures of my kids. I adopted all of them. Sometimes they behave badly, so I have to put them back up for adoption. Or somtimes they're just worth too much, so getting rid of them is a must. I'm a horrible mother, I know.

This is the newest addition to my family. I LOVE THIS BABY!!! (The camera started taking really fast, so I ran out there and decided to pose. As with all good mothers, I'm posing in my pajamas)
This one isn't really my baby. It was my baby for about 14 years, but it definitely behaved badly so I had to replace it with something incredible. Hmmm.... I need a picture of MY piano... maybe later.

You know how they say that if you wear your underwear for a really long time they become a part of you? These Chacos are like my underwear. I only take them off when I sleep. My feet are extremely white under those straps, beware!

This is my sideways baby. It gives me much satisfaction for about 30 minutes, then I regret ever having this baby around. Ouch.

Much to my saddness and future regret, this particular baby, whome I named Guenevere, was adopted out yesterday afternoon. Sniffle! That's ok though, I got a car out of it and I'm sure I'll find another Guenevere soon:)

This baby was a PILL. I kicked it out of my family, as happy and proud as a mother could be. It was one of those babies that was perfect and cute and wonderful in public, but once I got it home the kicking and screaming began. Mah please, get this thing out of here.
Welp.... That's it for my non-eternal family. Ciao!

May 22, 2009

And things have already started to fall into place :)

Two weeks ago my life became so wishy washy I just had no idea what to do. No job, no car, no school to go to, nowhere to move, no friends, NOTHING. But things have already started to fall into place! It's amazing! I start work tomorrow, I just found a car to buy, I'm pretty sure what I'm going to do for school, I have a plan about where to move, and the social life is seeing a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel. Life is just good sometimes, ya know?

May 20, 2009

Oh the things on my mind....

Since I'm not doing a lot by way of activity, my mind thinks about things deeply and endlessly. You know how when you have a song stuck in your mind for a long time it helps to listen to the song? I'm thinking that if I write down all these things, it will help get my mind off of them. Probly not, but I might as well give it a try.

Yesterday I had this sorbet at Coldstone that was amazing. I'm totally addicted. It's pink lemonade with fresh raspberries mixed in. I highly recommend it:)

I drove my car around the valley today with the top down and I was wearing my new stellar sunglasses. It made me happy, but also made me almost sad that the registration is expiring next week and I'm supposed to buy a car pronto. I might miss The Hott Flash (aka Ribbit, the rabbit, Kermit, The Green Goblin, etc). Weird, eh?

How and when am I going to get my Ben Folds book back? Hmmm... hopefully soon.

Should I move my piano home? It's so far away, I have a hard time driving over there all the time to practice. But I love my studio.

What can people eat if they just had hernia surgery?

I wonder what would happen if I bought a scooter instead of a car.

I have a lot more things on my mind... but I don't want to make you pass out, so never mind :)

May 17, 2009

And so life goes on...

Instead of trying to be some great creative writer, I'm just going to spell out my week in simple numbers.
-Bored all day
-A bit sickish
-Family Night, watch Hanna try to teach dad how to text. Ha:)
-Piano lessons in Draper
-Get a call from a lady that wanted me to babysit her two little girls. Nah.
-Mow grandma's lawn, listen to Styx
-Almost pass out while going over the pass
-Really pass out
-Stay home all day with head congestion. It was gnar.
-Sew baby blanket for Stephanie's unborn baby.
-Miss out on Stephanie's baby shower due to heavy flow of BodProd.
- Re-live sickness of Wednesday. Blah.
5 - Friday
- Try and fail to find some hott guy to take me to Angels and Demons. (Even Hanna turned me down.)
- Get a foot rub at Sue's
-Watch The Secret Life Of Bees with Tess and mom at Sue's
-Get up at 5:30am
-Sleep on Hanni's couch while Grace sleeps in
-Leave Grace at friends house at 9:30. They forgot she was coming. Saga saga saga.
-Go to Pineview for a "work" meeting at my new job
-Put the top down on my car
-Drive to Park City to watch Emmy dance in her fantastic recital. I haven't laughed that hard for a loooong time. Thanks Emmy!
-Once again fail to find hott guy to take me to the stupid movie
-Watch movie with my dad.
-Fall asleep in my hammock.
-Go to church
-Goof off with Lori all through Young Women's (I love that I never go to Relief Society like I'm supposed to... hehe)
-Accidentally fall asleep during Sacrament
-Forget choir practice, go home, sleep in my hammock instead.
-Go to Seminary Graduation. Graduate! What the.... Did I go to Seminary? Not really.

So.... I guess it was an alright week. Actually, I'm not going to lie, it was long and I felt like something was missing. Maybe my health.... But that's missing all the time and I don't care. Hmmm......

May 12, 2009

My head feels blah

Who would have ever guessed that this ultra thin slice of paper could actually save my life. I get sick about 24 times a year (twice a month... yep, that's about right) so my little box of kleenexes that sits inbetween my bed and my bed stand gets used all the time. I love them. Today I have gone through almost a whole box. Maybe someday I'll find a real cure instead of just blowing half my body weight and half my life savings out my nose. Someday...

May 11, 2009


I'm sitting here watching my parents try to plan 3 vacations at once. I feel so bad for them. They have to go to Italy, California, and Hawaii all in one summer.

May 10, 2009

The Parable of the Artichoke

I have decided to just let my life take me places instead of trying to control where I end up. Whenever I make a plan, it goes out the window. I guess I've just had a lot on my mind the past couple days, and the more I think about it, the clearer it becomes. Life is hard, then you die. But why is it hard? So I can grow!
Have you ever studied the life of an artichoke? I haven't, but I hear their life is a lot like mine. Actually, my life is more like the bush that an artichoke grows on. I take forever and ever to grow, then as soon as something good comes of all my growing (like a happy fruit) someone picks it off and eats it. Then I grow for another year or so till another fruit grows on me. The fruit kind of represents the things I'm proud of. Milestones in my life that make me think I've done a good job and that I've done something for the world. But once that fruit has been picked, I feel empty for a while and I am always very impatient for another fruit to start to develop.
Ok, so that's a weird analogy. But really, this is how it happens! And the most important thing is, I have to grow that fruit on my own. My Gardener (being the Lord) can fertilize me and water me, but I can choose whether I want to keep growing or if I want to just die. After that fruit is picked off, yes, I sort of feel like dying sometimes. But then my Gardener comes and waters me, and I know that soon I will start to develop another fruit that someone else can enjoy later. But I can't grow unless someone picks that fruit! My trials make me able to grow. Amazing.
I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hope it's a fast harvesting year in the artichoke world. Firstly because I feel like I've just been picked and I want to start being productive and living my life as soon as possible, and secondly because I love artichokes and writing this has made me hungry.

May 7, 2009

The Best

Sometimes I get sort of bogged down in my mind with all the things that are going on, and because my life has always been so great I kind of freak out when something goes a bit askew. And usually that thing is just fine, but my mind wanders too much and I start to expect the worst. So... I've decided to make a list of everything that is The Best in my life. I know technically there can only be one thing that is ultimately "the best", but I couldn't choose. Well.... Yeah, I can choose, but then this post would have been really boring. Ha.

#1 - My beyond crazy family. This is us trying to get a decent family photo at Mac and Diana's wedding. I think Hanna wins the prize on this one though:)
#2 - (These totally aren't in order of The Best to The Worst... It's just random) Pam Beasely. I kinda like her. She's probably the most realistic woman on television. Go Pam!

#3- Have I ever told you how ridiculously in love I am with pianos? Particularly gorgeous looking and sounding pianos? Ugh, it blows my mind. This picture kind of says it all. I need to put a picture of my piano Claire on here. Claire is amazing.

#4 - Havasupai. Incredible. Now that I think about it, Havasupai isn't really The Best, but it's pretty great.

#5 - Skiing with really overly hott men. Up till the end of last winter, I didn't get the chance to do this very often. Luckily this really overly hott guy saved my bad luck streak and we went aaalll the time. I'm thinkin this really was The Best.

#6 - Being giddy. Supposedly being giddy happens when you get really excited about something and you're so happy you start acting weird, then it wears off after you get used to that happy thing. Well... mine never really wore off. I still get giddy all the time. But how could I not?!

#7 - California. Excuse the flash dancer, she ran right into my perfect California Coast shot right as I was about to take the picture. She's kind of hard to see though... She's off to the side there... Just block her out ;)

#8 - My back gate at my house in Montepulciano Toscano, Italy. Um, does this not look like something from a movie? It was amazing. This shot was taken from my bedroom window, and I can't tell you how badly I want to go back. Now there's another girl from Provo living in that same bedroom. Lucky!
So.... Good life? Yes.

May 5, 2009

Do you ever...

I've had a little something on my mind lately. Maybe I just overanalyze everything and think too much. I also think that maybe people do things sometimes that really don't mean anything, but to me it says something about that person, and about what they are thinking in their subconcious. Don't think I'm stalking you or watching your every move, I'm really not and it's really not a big deal. In the end I usually forget what that thing was and never remember anything about it. (I'm starting to sound like a creep.... K, get that Cami-Is-A-Creep voice out of your head, and read this like I'm totally innocent. Because I am.) But I'm never sure... Probably because everyone is different, and there's no way to read everyone the same way. K I'm stopping this rambling fest. Ciao!

May 4, 2009

Bare feet, Black Mazdas, and little doggies

This morning I had a plan for my day. First thing - Work on my piano skills at my studio. Second thing - Visit Weber State and inquire about taking the GED. Third thing - Visit my fantastic boyfriend Scott. But... In all my excitement for seeing Scott again after 4 days of being gone, I forgot thing one and thing two and just went straight to his house.

We sat on his front lawn and played with his dogs Jack and Cooper for a while, then we started walking our bare feet down the sidewalk. It felt nice. First we went to the park and did some epic swinging (while the mothers grabbed their little children... I guess we look like criminals?) then we walked around the 'hood for a while.

I love walking in my bare feet... It reminds me of being a little kid rolling around in the mud in front of my house then being really embarrased when the UPS man would deliver stuff for my dad. His name was Chris. He didn't care that we were little muddy naked mountain children, he just gave us the stuff and left. What a great guy.

After our walk Scott fell asleep while we were watching Salt Lake Real soccer, then we decided to do something productive so we drove to The Gateway and looked at weird stuff. One of the things was a book called 11,002 Things To Be Miserable About. It was hilarious. We laughed hard.

Basically I had one of those days that was just great all around, and I'm so glad Scott is willing to do (or put up with) the crazy things I do. I'm not sure he had as great of a day as me, but I'm glad he was there.

I have to get back to car shopping... blah. I hate being poor.

May 3, 2009

My encounter with the shower door

I have been sick the past couple days, but I had no idea how sick till this morning. As I was closing the shower door, I somehow made it run into the side of my face... And now I have a very large bruise over there. The end.

Was I pressured into this? Hmmm...

About 5 years ago in Young Womens we were asked to write down the qualities we would like in the men we date and/or marry. I found the list a few days ago, and it was pretty cool to see that nothing major has really changed. I still want the same things! The first 6 things are my old list, then I added a few

1-Self motivated in righteous descisions
2-Good to his parents
4-Happy and outgoing
5-Hard working and not lazy
6-Return Missionary or temple worthy
7-Not afraid to speak his mind
9-Knows why he does the things he does (like going to school, work, etc.)
10-Someone who laughs at the good things
11-Willing to help and give comfort
12-Adventerous/Athletic/Outdoor sporty
12-Good at hugging the non-creepy way :D

This list might seem like every girl's dream, but I promise this guy does exist!

Zion National Park part 1

Last night I returned home from a crazy-go-nuts adventure in Zion National Park. I went with Jayne and Caleb and their kids, and we had a blast. The first day Caleb and I went on a small but steep hike up through Hidden Canyon and beyond. (Caleb has most of the good pictures, so I'll post some better ones later).

As night was drawing nigh, we decided to play a game of Phase 10. All was going well till out of nowhere Jayne smacked me over the forehead. Hard. It was so random, nobody knew what to do. I'm lovin the hand print that refuses to leave my lovely forehead, and it reminds me that I fully forgave poor Jayne for acting like a 6th grader. I wasn't even winning the hand! Jeez!
Anyway, we made it home safe, and happy, although Jonah and I came out with a bloody fever/congestion/head explosion syndrome. Oh well, life goes on.


All my life I have loved to write about the things I do, because most of the time I'm doing things worth writing about. The problem is, I'm also a huge fan of writing very privately. This has bugged a lot of people since they get very curious about the things I write about in my little books. So... In case anyone ever finds this blog (I don't plan on doing any public advertising, hehe) you are more than welcome to read about me and the things I find and do that make an impact on my life. To the world, my life might seem very insignificant and boring, but to me it is everything. And it's up to me to make it into something great.