Nov 18, 2010

The extended fam saves us again!

Whew what a week! Uncle Allen and Aunt Janis came in for the week, along with my cousin Rachel and her cutie patootie family. It was so fun to spend time with them and their crazy crew. I haven't ever really spent time with them (I'm just a baby Christensen!) so it was fun to hang out for a few days.

Audrey and Jayne are buds
Jayne can down a whole can of "little bean soup" (lentil soup) in like T minus 10 seconds. It's pretty entertaining.
The girls were hiding from the boys at playgroup hehe. I taught them well.
We all went to dinner at Claim Jumper (UHMAZING) and on the way out Seth wanted to try his luck at the.... I don't even know what to call it. You put your hand on this thing and the lights indicate your level of loving abilities :) He got "Clammy", so we all had to try. No one made it very high.... except me. I got the top score of "Uncontrollable". I walked out of the restaurant with my victory fists held high. An old man behind us asked Rachel "Is that woman available?"
Todd and Aunt Jannie did a huge number on the yard and upstairs bathroom. I'm serious, we were getting bad vibes from the neighbors but we have always been too tired to tackle the projects. And the girls had a good time following Todd around the yard :) We still possess the only palm trees in Redmond, but they are for sale. So... hit me up if you want some random palm trees.

Nov 11, 2010

I love our crazy life!

So we have had some pretty great times these past couple weeks.
Since Halloween was on Sunday this year, an awesome family from our ward invited us over for a spooky dinner
This is amazing to me. "Brains" in a mini pumpkin, witches broom bread, vampire blood soup, eyeballs, and witches hair veggies. So cute.
Seth and Amy headed out last weekend, so the kids and I headed to the childrens museum. It was so awesome. They have this big exhibit about water and how evaporation and all that cool stuff works. Plus you can send balls and other random things down the fountains. Really, what could be more entertaining.
Ellie practiced her creativeness and art skills upon the skin of the guinea pig sister
Her pillow was black the next morning
Gunther (Jake) was super mellow. He was perfectly content with blocks. For 2 hours.
Sam has a very balanced head, which allows him to make perfectly balanced... things... like this.
Who doesn't like ginormous LightBrites, that is what I would like to know.
Beth and Co. came with us, and Ethan worked the bowling-ball lifting exhibit till it burned down. just kidding.
This is the Scarf Shooter. It sucks up scarves and they go through this crazy maze of hoses then shoots out above your head. I had to hold myself back. I want one of those in my future home.
I need to take chillax lessons from Jake.

Next was haircut time!!! We all loaded in the van and drove to this cutest little house with the cutest little mommy and got hair cuts all around. (But ceptins me... till next week!).
phở (prounounced "Fuh") is this crazy Vietnamese soup that is mostly popular because of its name. Seth swears by it (no pun intended) and today we found out that Jake loves it too! There are pho shops all over town, including one called "What The Pho?!"
Jake rocks, I can't stop taking pictures of him. Seth put my helmet on him tonight and it almost fit.... Why didn't I inherit the big Christensen head?