Aug 21, 2010

Best Friend's Wedding

Yesterday my best friend Shannon Thompson got hitched. Aside from this being way weird, I have never seen her so happy in my life. And if you know Shannon, you know that she is one of the happiest people in this world all the time. I was one of 3 bridesmades, and to put things lightly, we almost got heat stroke 10 times from dancing so hard ALL DAY. I haven't gotten out of bed yet, so I can't say this is actual fact, but I'm thinking my legs and feet are black and blue. Pumps are such a joke. I hate them lots. But it was so worth it :) Here are some random pictures from the day, I didn't take them, so be warned. Enjoy!


Jayne said...

You look super hott

Camille said...

Hey thanks Jayne. I guess.