Dec 3, 2010

Ghahppy Thahnksgihving Bahck (Just say it with a spanish accent ok? thanks)

Thanksgiving reminds me of a lot of things.
This lovely lady - Rose - Is one of those things. Name that movie!
Seth and Amy were awesome enough to fly me home for Thanksgiving! I arrived to this
I hadn't seen snow in a while, and neither had my big cousin Jake (not to be confused with my little cousin Jake), So we went out at like 11:11pm and foofed all over in it like little kids. (No, this picture isn't a crime scene. We were having a blast. Hanna got all creeped out when I showed it to her... really?! Get cho mind outta da gutter, Nah!)
Reason #1 for visiting home? DORKY SISTER!!!
Emmy: "Dats dross"
Have I mentioned the fact that my siblings possess the ability to create epic children?
And the ability to lull them to sleep anywhere?
This is Emmy begging Austin to read to her. He wasn't stoked on the idea, but who can say no to miss curly head with 2-foot-long batting eyelashes?
Lainey got in on the action, and before long they were both on his lap. Austin was the hero.
After 10 days of.... ??? I flew back to the "pac no wee" (pacific north west, thanks Jayne). I happened to be flying home with 3 or 4 people from my ward up here who were also visiting family in Utah! It was great. I even got a bit of visiting teaching done on my flight. Now here's the trivial part.... No one else could see this, but if you look really close at the picture, there's a little bright dot below the wing, and inside it is the shaddow of our plane, as well as a huge circular glare around the right side of the pic. I don't know how this happened, I kinda duhmb, but... it looked so cool!
Jayne (little Jayne, not to be confused with.... little-but-not-as-little Jayne) came running up to me in the airport, and didn't calm down till she looked like this. She was still thinking in her sleep.
Hey little Jake!
Jealous much? :)


JoAnn said...

So jealous. "You've Got Mail."

Hey that's me said...

Winner winner winner!!! I loves my momma

Gr. Nette said...

Great blogging, Cam. Those cute little kids
are definitely Christensens...

Hanna Banana said...

Why do i let you first talk me into doing such gross things and second let you take a picture, when i know it's going to show up on the internet?! I should wake up before i come downstairs next time...

Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

Candy corn teeth, very genius! And Jake in the snow does look like a crime scene. I had to look at it for a little bit before I could figure it out.

Hey that's me said...

g-ma: Thanks. We are Christensens to the MAX.
Hanna: If you were awake, we never would have preserved that amazingly nasty memory!
T and Mac: Sorry for the scare. tee hee :)

blog for steveLi said...

Winner winner winner!!! I loves my momma !
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