Jul 11, 2011

Lake Chelan

A couple weekends ago the fam was packing up to go to Lake Chelan with a few neighbors. I had a huge list of jazzy stuff to take care of over the weekend, and was thinking how lovely it would be to have the house to myself so I could do some packing and maybe some cleaning and organizing. I envisioned baking banana bread and staying up watching chick flicks with my girlfriends. A few midnight punch-dancing sessions ran through my mind.
Then Seth said, "Cami. Just come with us. Please?"
5 minutes later I was packed and in the van.
If you have never been to Lake Chelan, put it on your list.
Clothing is always optional.
View from our deck
Why is it that kids find it fascinating to watch other kids play games on a 2" screen? There are two other kids in this picture that you can't see because they are being sat upon/smushed into the wall.
You can always judge how great your friends are by how fantastic the breakfast is in the morning.
Our breakfasts usually lasted about 3 hours :)
Jake kept slipping out of his high chair.
It wouldn't be a vacation without 12 kids under the age of 10 and 2 life-size teddy bears.
I learned many things on this trip.
1 - Dairy Queen is not a good idea. Ever.
2 - Walmart can be a good idea.
3 - Sleeping in the breezeway between the garage and the house is actually the best spot in the house.
4 - Sam has bigger feet than me
5 - Sam and I can share wetsuits.
6 - Jaynie can always be sassier than she seems
7 - A good way to give someone a black eye and make it look like an accident is on a tube behind a boat
8 - NEVER go on a tube behind with two big guys who like acrobatics
9 - I can sunburn
10 - Always say yes when someone invites you to Lake Chelan.

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