Nov 28, 2011

Hey, I'm finally blogging about Italy... (insert clapping sounds here)... 
I took hundreds of pictures, but a lot of them wouldn't mean anything to you at all, so I'll just stick some of the more interesting parts on here. (You may clap again, if you so desire. Clapping is fun, don't let anyone make you feel weird about it).
Here we are, eating one of our first pizza meals. (Are you diggin the fake smiles? It's called Jetlag.)
I know I already put pictures of Mount Vesuvius on here, but it is just so cool to look at. I like.
Here we are night shopping in Stabbia.
Breakfast usually consists of a small pastry and coffee, but they make it all look so pretty. This hotel wasn't all that fantastic, but the breakfast room was AMAZING. I love pretty things.
Hanna and I found this hot guy, Salvatore, who seemed to like us even though we looked and smelled like traveling Americans. (He later professed his undying love to me, and is planning on moving here in a couple years. Oh crap.)
Did ya'll know my sister is stronger than Chuck Norris? She can hold up volcanos. It's kind of a big deal.
The guy that owns this teensie weensie caffetteria is somehow linked to the mofia (or at least claims he is) and he gives free drinks to the missionaries. (and their families, it turns out).

The awesome Amendolas
This is the road to one of our hotels... It wasn't wide enough to open the car doors, so the hotel manager opened the door to his hotel and we pulled up and opened our doors into the lobby. So classy.
I can't imagine how annoying it would be to travel with our family if you hadn't already spent many patient years with us. Most of the time we are laughing histerically at something incredibly stupid. Here we are walking out of an ancient ruin, laughing our jetlagged heads off. I think it had something to do with dad diagnosing me with "breath cancer".
This is what we do to Hanna when she won't shut up.
Amalfi coast
This is down on the southern tip of Italy, and the land across the water is the island of Sicily. I think dad and CJ are doing Yoga?
Asp Salute!
Hanna in a Fiat 500 (or Cinquecento)
Enjoying a sunny Sunday in Sciacca, Sicily
Is dad seriously smiling?
Some tasty restaurant on the coast in Sciacca
Hanna and I escaped to the beach
Twas a glorious occasion
Hanna celebrated by planking the ocean
No one was home
Us and the old ship captain in Sciacca
Skipping a lot of the more boring part of the trip... (driving across Sicily, feeling like we were going to get shot by the mafia in Corleone, taking an overnight ferry back up to Naples, then driving about 100mph up to Tuscany, shopping at the outlets, visiting a couple old friends, etc.) we made it back to Montepulciano and visited Hanna's old bestie Oerta. She is the coolest Albanian chica ever. 
(also I think no one will protest when I say this picture makes me look fat).
And finally I ate a crepe. And it was divine. And I really was fat after it.


Jayne said...

So how is ol' Salvatore? Has he called? Has he written? Has he moved?

Also, you don't look fat. You look... healthy.

gr.nette said...

Wonderful, Cami. Thanks for sharing. I'm so happy you escaped the mafia and came back home.