Jun 3, 2014


As some of you may know, since last October I have had the absolute privilege to live in a very unique, beautiful, diverse, middle-of-nowhere town in the hills of Virginia named Buena Vista (pronounced BEEOO-nah Vih-stah). (Seriously. None of this bwenah veestah stuff. They'll shoot you. Look it up). Everyone just mostly calls it BV, if they're cool. 
File:Buena Vista Sign.jpg
That's right.
I was one of the 6002, but I did meet the 3. Lovelies. 
Buena Vista, VA : View from Glen Maury Park

See? BEEOOtiful. 
Also, this:

Anyway, after dating a certain man for some time (a whole 6 weeks!) we were wed. This you know. 
 We lived in our first home for 10 days, then moved into a lovely apartment on the other end of town.
Apparently, one can become very creative in a someone-hum-drum-town. Ain't he cute?! It was scary at first, but I have now come to accept him. 
 Some friends of ours invented a game called "Wall Ball" and we played a few times on campus. I started calling it "Bwalls" and it stuck. The head of the Board of Trustees just made plans to put in a Bwalls court on campus. Thank you very much :) 
 Many of our saturdays were spent in the lovely company of our friends Mitch and Cassidy at the baseball field. Mitch pretty much owns that field and was so fun to watch. Go Knights!
 Turns out it's not very easy to take a picture of a swinging person. But here we have The Swing - a huge tree swing by the river. We loved hanging out there. (Ha!! I'm punny).
 We ate lunch sometimes. 
 And flewd some kites at the park
 And ate crepes to the sound of Prophets. 
 One day my hub'n introduced me to a very strange park in Lexington. Lexington is to BV as Eagleton is to Pawnee, if you know what I mean. 
Anyway, this park had a lot of strange but amazing things in it. As I got carried away here...
 ...my man-friend got carried away here.
I guess his name was Frederick, but we just called him Man Turtle, or MT. We stole him from the park and domesticated him so fast. 

 Our last week in The Beeve was a good one. 
 We packed up
 And said goodbye to Southern Virginia.
Also, Good-Lookin graduated!! Watch for that post cummin up next. 

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JoAnn said...

I love how child-ish you grown ups are!