Jul 24, 2014

Part of growing up

Last month I made a very stupid mistake. I bought a Mini Cooper that was falling apart. I wanted one so bad for so long, I needed a car, I found it, and made a very impulse decision. It continued to fall apart, cost me lots, and the charm wore off quicker than a fly dies after being run over by a drag car.

This time around I decided to go with my gut. So we bought this :

I have officially moved on to a whole new level of hippie. This car screams hippe-intellectual. Of which I am not. However, I cannot help but fall in love with this small (albeit slightly funny-looking) green bean. Why?

- It doesn't break down every day
- It tells me where to go (navigation! Woohoo!)
- The soft leather seats beckon me to stay and keep me comfortable
- It is very cheap to feed
- It is simple yet sophisticated
- It is stunning on the inside and beautiful on the outside

I named her Jayne :)


JoAnn said...

How very mature. (Yawn) (JK)

Bethanie said...

I am a petrol-head and the Toyota Prius is my arch-nemisis.
However, that is a very smart choice of car, and I will not give you any flack for it. I hope you have an enjoyable time with it, and pray that you will not crash it.

Love you,


Jayne said...

I think Jayne is quite the fitting name, seeing how much she and I have in common. But Septins that part about being cheap to feed. That I cannot relate with.

Love the car!

Bethanie said...

Ich bin ein Benzin-Kopf und der Toyota Prius ist meine arch-nemisis. Das ist jedoch eine sehr kluge Wahl des Autos, und ich werde Ihnen keine Flack für sie. Ich hoffe, Sie haben mit ihm eine schöne Zeit, und beten, dass Sie nicht abstürzen es. Ich liebe dich, Max

Bethanie said...

I opologize for spelling flak wrong :)

molano said...

Both are quite frugal.

gr.nette said...

how'd that happen? molano wouldn't say something dumb like that. only a grandma would. Anyway, congratulations, Cami!

gr.nette said...

Did Max take German in school last year?