Jul 5, 2009


Last Friday was absolutely nuts. In the morning we went to Les Miserables in Folsom, then for lunch we all ate at Mels. Mac told me it's in American Graffiti, but I wouldn't know because the one time we almost watched it, dad turned it off because it was too vulgar. Hahaha... thanks BaboLater that day Lorna, Emily, and I hit the road to see Wicked in San Francisco. Emily was quite entertained with her PopTart
We stopped at this teenie ghetto berry stand in Vacaville and bought Boysenberries so Lorna could make cobbler. It was sooooo good :D
San Francisco is absolutely crazy. There are more weird people than normal people. The streets are full of people that are just so strange! I saw all kinds of things within the four blocks before we parked. Like a smoking manhole. I thought they put those in city movies for atmospheric purposes, but this thing was legit! I also saw an underwearless man loose his drawers while crossing the street. We all closed our eyes really tight :)

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