Jul 2, 2009


This week has been quite eventful so far. I found a market in a parking lot somewhere, so I decided to check it out. But... when I got there, everyone was packing up :(
As I pulled out of the parking lot, I fell behind this cute little porche. Hey Babo, did you have one of these? I wish I got a pic of the front... SO cute :)
Yesterday I took Emily and her friend Emily to play in the fountains with Diana and Luke. The little kids were hilarious, playing around in the water and getting squirted in the face at random times. (I was also the victim of a surprising shot to the face.)
Emily and Emily
The pookie sisters
And me. With my best friend.


JoAnn said...

Ninja Pez is the best???

Camille said...

Yep. pretty bad huh. :D