Mar 20, 2010

Seriously questioning the workings of my mind

So all of this morning I have been lazily looking for my phone, because I knew it was here at Codina's somewhere, but I called it and it was dead, and... It was just nowhere. After a couple hours (I was REALLY lazily searching...) I decided to trace my steps. What did I do when I got home last night? Turned off the car. Went inside. Put keys on the counter. Stuck left-over PF Changs chocolate cake in the fridge. Went to my room. The end! Agh! WHERE HAS MY PRECIOUS iPHONE GONE?!?! wait. oh no. could it be? no way. but... please no... I ran into the kitchen, opened the fridge, and there was my phone. On top of my chocolate cake. Cold as a dead cat buried in Wisconson in the winter.
I think it's ok though...

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