Sep 25, 2010


I was just scanning through a few pictures and deciding what to post about, and I decided that since I really should be packing up my car and going grocery shopping right now, I better just do a mini all-in-one post.
I forgot all about this picture of Emmy at Multnomah falls... what a goofy kid
A couple sundays ago me and my friend Rawson went on a walk and he decided to hike up his jogging pants (nerd) then he got poison oak issues and whacked himself in the leg with a stick he found. I hang out with geniuses.
Another few days ago I had an hour to kill in town (I went to my dentist appointment an hour early.... they gave me a weird look and told me to come back later. wow, cam). So I went and visited my friend Rea at Mount Ogden Jr. High where she teaches 9th grade computer... stuff. It was amazing. Those kids are nuts. I earned a whole new respect for teachers.
Last night Hanna and I were sorta boredish, so we went up to Frog Rock in North Ogden for a minute. Then a bunch of teenagers came up and started making out, so we left.
Turns out, cameras can't take pictures of road signs. I'm serious, the sign was totally normal and this is how all my pictures came out! It says "DANGER HIGH WATER". The Ogden river usually runs at about 140 cfs, and this morning they cranked it up to 450 cfs for a kayaking competition. Uh Mazing.
I have 3982701b3992374 things to do today, but I couldn't help pulling over and watching these guys go through 3 miles of class 5 rapids over and over and over again.
Mora liked it too.

Ok time to get back to life. I'm leaving tomorrow to Seattle for an unknown length of time, and so far my preparations include... buying licorice and putting in a load of laundry. Oh, I checked my oil too. Pray for Mora!


Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

This is all too exciting of a life. Seriously Cam. What's in Seattle? Watch out for baby vampires.

JoAnn said...

Humanitarian Cam! Have the bestest time in Seattle. Thanks from everybody!