Sep 19, 2010

we. are. oregonian. (well, for a week anyway).

Wow, what a week! Jayne and Caleb so graciously invited me to accompany them on their family trip to Oregon. It was an awesome week, to put things WAY lightly.
Driving through The Gorge is always uber awesome, but as soon as mount hood comes into view, all jaws drop and all current thoughts escape. This mountain is MASSIVE.
This was a rare and beautiful moment :)
We stopped in Tillamook for a little cheese enlightening. The kids were particularly enlightened.
Finally we made it to Pacific City! The beach house was amazing, and we barely took off our sockies before giving the kites a go

HAHAHA! This picture was about to be cute, but just as Jayne hit the button, Claire fell over and I got a gnarly look upon me face.

The excitement is all in the tongue.

The beach wouldn't be the same without barbie cars and pirate ships. And Katie, whom I love. A lot.

Jonah and I decided to go collect shells, and of course he had to be superman. No one on the beach could take their eyes of this midget in a cape.

Jayne and I decided to make Emmy into a mermaid, and it totally worked! She still isn't human. I think.
I have a fin growth hormone disorder, ok?
The only time Em will ever have big buns in her life.

After a couple days we ventured into the woods and found ourselves along an AMAAAZING trail that lead to a suspension bridge and waterfall. It was gorgeous. And so is my sister, obviously.

Em and I took a break. Then we almost fell asleep.

The last couple nights were incredibly stormy and nuts, but we took walks anyway! Sorry about the blur, my lens was all wet :(

I just want to say thanks to the Kepsels for letting me join them on this crazy adventure, I loved every minute of it! The food, the water, the driving, the movie watching (TIGHT tights!) and just the general entertainment that only a Kepsel can provide was unforgettable. Loves ya.

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Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

I just love all the pictures Cami. And now I really wanna go there. Thanks.