Sep 27, 2013

The MTC (holy prison)

On March 28th 2012 I headed to Provo with the ol fam and the dropped me off at the lovely MTC curb, shaggy hairs and all

 Don't I look French?! Oops. 
I met my wonderful first companion, Sorella Sharlin Openshaw. We were the shortest non-Asian companionship in the joint. 
 The other Sorelle in my district - Spicq and Sudweeks

 Our dashing zone

 We aren't bored, but lets see if we fit into our laundry bags. Yes. Yes we do.
 The district
 After about 2 days the Elders (Anziani, in Italian) decided we were all good enough friends for them to make illustrations of us. Hm. 
 Sorella Spicq turned out to be a little whiz at speaking Italian, so she got shipped off to the field after 3 weeks, and we gained another companion! The spicy Sorella Laura Sudweeks. She added more flare to our companionship for sure. 
 Our last day at the TRC... It looks to me like lunch didn't agree with them
Our farewell choir before getting on the bus to the airport.

One of my favorite parts of the MTC were the devotionals. We had President Packer, Perry, Ballard, Christofferson (my favorite), Scott, and Hales, as well as many of the 70. Also David Archuletta, because he was in training and they would make him sing all the time, hehe :) (Lil Davie and I made eyes at each other on several occasions... and he opened my door 4 times... but whatever. NBD). 
Another favorite part was our weekly service. We got assigned to clean the women's bathrooms in our resident hall. This would normally be nasty, but instead of sponges they gave us pressure washers. It always turned into a high-presssured-bleach-and-water-fight. Great for stress relief :)
I honestly don't remember a lot from my MTC experience, but I remember feeling very inadequate and humbled. Luckily I had great teachers and mentors, and CJ came in to the TRC a couple times, hehe. (Funniest moment - CJ walks into the TRC and I go running up to him and give him a hug and everyone around us freaks out because they don't know we are related. YES!)
Some people hate on the MTC, but I loved it. I was there for 9 weeks, which is 3 weeks longer than they go now, but I'm grateful for every day I was there. Quit hating on the MTC!


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You said happy Christmas at the MTC? Is that allowed?

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