Oct 1, 2013

Travels to the field, and The Villa

The journey to Italy was so great. 
 Sudweeks' face says it all 
 Luckily for us, the Assistants were hungry and grabbed some pizza for us on their way to the airport! We had a pizza party in the parking lot. 
 First stop: THE TEMPLE! There is a secret passageway that goes to the roof of Ikea, which is a lovely viewpoint of the temple. It's not illegal, but we have been kicked off a few times. Whatevs. 
 I'm too lazy to put this picture upright. Here I am at the Villa mission home! woot. 
We got there, had some words, and went to bed. I was SO tired, I just hit the pillow and was out. Everyone else had jet lag problems (I'm above jet lag), so they were all up talking. Something aroused me from my deep slumber on the top bunk, and I rolled over, but I was a little disoriented and I... fell out of bed. Two bed-stories up. Onto the tile. President's wife came to see if we had been hit by an astroid, but I was already back in bed, sound asleep by the time she came up :) The others were still laughing about it when I got up the next morning (and still laugh about it every time we see each other. Thanks guys). 
Me with President and Sorella Kelly. Two of my favorite people in this world. 

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Jayne said...

With one of MY favorite people in the world!

Only you could pull off a purple shirt with red shoes, Cam.