Oct 7, 2013

two-second mission-intermission (woah. nice.) for Virginia.


Since I have no idea where my mission SD cards are at the moment, and I have this mad bug to write, I'm just going to give a quick update on my totally normal life. (paha!)

I'm currently sitting on the (clean? Uh...) floor of the Charlotte North Carolina airport. Why, you might ask your inquisitive self? Well because I have decided to move to Virginia.

I'm sure this comes as no surprise; I have stopped being surprised at my sudden life changes, but I swear there is a song somewhere that describes my situation. I come home from my mission, I love home and my family and the old smells and sights, it will always be the home I adore, but I have this ache to get out. A man comes into my life (again) and invites me to Virginia. I have many wonderful options, like dream schools and dream jobs and people I love, but I just can't say no to Virginia.

Moving to VA has been on my mind for three years (or.... 8) and I just knew someday I would end up there. I have no idea how long I'll be there or if I will love it (that's a lie, I have pre-chosen to love it no matter what), but I know it is right and I'm going for it. I'm sorry if I didn't get to see you since I got home (only three weeks ago! Crazy!) or if I have been in a mental Limbo, but you know how I get when I have my mind set on something! I can't stop thinking about it, and I can't focus on anything else until it happens. I am the World's Worst Listener, and I'm sure that just about all of you have fallen victim to my shallow ears. I'm working on it.

What is it that excites me about The Unknown? Is this normal? I feel like I should have some degree of fear or nervousness about doing these psychotic things, but... I just don't. I trust that I know it's right. I don't care what you think. I guess that's kind of rude, but I trust in my Loving Father's care (it has never failed me. Ever.) and I know this will be a success, even if it turns out to be completely different than I have dreamed it up to be. I have no job and nowhere to live, but... who cares! These are where miracles happen, and I really believe in all that miracle stuff.

My buns are crampin from sitting on this floor.... I like it. Man, I'm just strange.

I love you guys. Thanks for laughing at me, with me :)

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JoAnn said...

1. Lose the jumbled font - it drives me crazy
2. This is where we know you and I are not exactly alike - I wanna stay HOME!
3. You're crazy and I love you for it!