Feb 6, 2014


This blog post might be a bit boring because it's just a bunch of pictures of two hot people... PSYCHE! Like anyone EVER gets sick of looking at pictures of hot people!?
So after most of the wedding festivities/finals/Christmas were over, we headed on down to Florida

 We played in the wawa
 Husband bought me a hat
 Then we set sail on a cruise to the Bahamas! The weather was a bit interesting, so we didn't get to go to our first island, but we got off in Nassau and rented a scooter. I dare you to say we don't look adorable in our gomer helmets.
 I got to stare at this all day. Yes please. 
 I really like this picture. Don't I look like a 6 year old? 
(please excuse the lack of pants. They are illegal in the island countries)
There was a man on the side of the road in a shack with a sign that said, "Locally grown mangos $2" so of course we got one. We ignored the "Grown in Brazil" sticker on the bottom. 
Is brazil local to the Bahamas? How did we miss it?
 We white

 I just barely noticed the background of this picture. Ew. 
 We cruised around Miami on a vur tall bus. 
 This guy told Garret that this hamburger would allow him to walk on water and sing like Justin Bieber. Little did he know that Garret already does that stuff. Yep.



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