Nov 1, 2009

Halloween Part Uno

I think it's kind of strange that halloween can start out so lovely and innocent and delightful, then as the day wears on it becomes all weird. But... I guess all my days are pretty weird, so what am I talking about.
The valley was so dern perdy, I wished I was some sort of photographer so I could atempt to capture it. I failed.
My name is Cami and I like to party.
Who turned on the fog machines in the valley? Probly some psycho person.
I love my grandma dearly. Especially when she makes me these monster morning shakes. I swear this one had lighter fluid in it. Kept me goin all day.
Snowbasin is pretty cool. Me likie.
Woo hoo! Getting closer!
I went to pick up my pass, and I found myself wishing the parking lot will look empty like this on that epic powder day I've been dreaming about all summer. (Hasn't this summer been about 5 times as long as usual? Yup.)
Ogden has it's moments.
I spy The Dubb.
I spy the empty inside of The Dubb.
I spy Cami working for 6 hours by herself and getting so bored she is forced to make Ramen
Hey that's kinda pretty eh?

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