Nov 1, 2009

Halloween Part Due

Spiderman and MJ are reunited at last. (Dearest grandmother, I am so sorry about the way your pretty pink dress was used on this dark dreadful night. I told you the dress was for my friend Mike, but you still thought Mike was a girl. If Mike is a girl, I think she looks absolutely dashing in it.)

He was pretty excited about that teenie box of nerds
Run fast, run far!
Tanner (eh hem, Lil' Red) got a wittle bit scared.
When I said "lets boogie" I had no idea what I was about to see.
Then we burned stuff.
And MJ danced with the president. Then I left. The end.

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Codinaduty said...

yep you definitely need to wear that outfit on the bike. or better yet, as a Time Trial skin suit. oh, new web page