Nov 23, 2009

Did someboday say Yurt Trip? I'm in.

A couple weeks ago I volunteered to go up to work on our yurt in Bloomington Canyon, Idaho. I work at the Outdoor Program at WSU, and we take care of the yurt and organize trips up there and all that jazz. I think it's quite pretty.

I knew it would be cold... but 10 degrees? Yes ma'am
Ben thought this was cool and made me take a pic. Gross.
We stopped for bread sticks on our way to Bear Lake, and Ben said these two looked like us. Uh...
You can't really tell, but the left side of the road was normal and the right side was very wintery.
Bloomington Canyon
In the top of the Yurt is a little dome, and I spent some time up there. (See first pic). This is looking at the woodshed/bathroom/secret sauna (sshhhh)
Hangin out up top
I was bored for two seconds
Chop, stack, chop, stack, chop, stack....
Tim was pretty beat. Plus the flu that goes from the wood-burning stove out the roof burned up about 2 hours after we got there. So... we had no heat all night. But somehow I stayed warm in my -15 degree sleeping bag, and I got to see my breath when I woke up, which is always a lovely experience. I smiled.
Driving home was pretty gnarly. But alas I am still alive. Woot!


JoAnn said...

Mothers should never read their 18 year old daughter's blogs.

Camille said...

I agree. Should I parent-block it from your computer?