Jun 30, 2009

sushi and missing skin

Yesterday I got to hang out with Aunt Melanie, Sam, and their adopted son Thomas. (Hahaha not really... he just seems like another brother). We went to this sushi place for lunch, and they have these little boats that float around with food on them and you just take what you want off of the boat. Clever!
Aw so precious! (Sorry Thomas, Sam's head got in the way hehe:)
The dumpster is all the stuff the cleanup peeps have pulled out of Mel's old burned apartment, and below it Sam and Thomas are bringing in the new furniture. woot!
Boxes are fun
This pretty much sums up life I think

After all that I went to FHE and pretended to be a missionary. There were some people from the ward behind doors at the Stake Center and we went around and tried to get appointments and stuff. The real missionaries were there, and they were pretending to be a gay couple. SO FUNNY! Sam played a drunk.... he did an excelent job too:) After FHE we all went swimming in Jamie's pool in the dark. We played Marco Polo for like 2 hours. I lost a few pounds of skin off the bottoms of my feet, so this morning I got to use my incredible doctoring skills to try to salvage any remaining skin still attatched to the underside quarters of my toes. Cute!


Jayne said...

I hope your feet are recovering. If you had pounds of skin to lose off you feet it was probably a good thing.
I'm just saying.

Camille said...