Jan 13, 2010


Ok Jayne, I promise I really did think about blogging today. I thought of how happy it would make you. I contemplated the one comment you would give me. But then I remembered the 3 tickets, one traffic school class, and tuition I had to figure out how to pay for. And I remembered my two exams tomorrow that I wasn't at all prepared for, then dad wanted 50 dishes built, and I had to go check the mail for the t-shirts I bought for Trev and I (no we're not going to wear them at the same time) and the textbook that still hasn't come, then I had to watch American Idol! I'm really sorry Jayne! Maybe one of these days!


Miss Cluff said...

Oh Cami, I love this post, send me an email, I'll invite you to read mine. I set a goal, one post a day and I'm passing! Yahoo! Love you lots.

Jayne said...

Ha! Cami! Do you see this? TWO comments! You're practically famous, and your fans are dying out here.
No pressure.
It's all about priorities, and I think you're getting yours pretty straight.