Jan 19, 2010

This is a bit intimidating

Ok, so you know how when you're little everything seems so hard? Like when your brother pulls on the end of your socks and you can't get them to go back into the right position and you start whining and end up in your room? This is nothing like that.

On a more serious note... (HAHA yeah right!) the wee bit of our fam that still lives at home (or should I say LIVED at home... I got out of there a couple weeks ago hehe) went on a trip to California. It was shockingly different than any other vacation I had ever been on. We called it our "Weird Try-er Trip" because we kept doing weird things. I don't have very many of the pictures from the trip because I somehow forgot my beloved camera. Uh... How is that even possible. Above is a lovely picture of my interesting sister in front of Pedro's Tacos, which is basically my favorite place to eat in the whole widest world. Potato Tacos baby!!!
We were pretending to be hot.
This is a windmill in the town of Solvang at about 7am. Kinda nifty, yeah?
Hanna and I found many ways to entertain ourselves
By the end of the trip, The Nah and I figured we could pretty much write a book on all the valuable lessons we learned from being on the road for 6 days. It would be titled "One Million And One ways to bug the bajeebers out of Babo and JoJo"
Mmmm Big Sur is incredible.
Ok switching gears. Kind of a bad shot, but aren't these two the best?! They CRACK ME UP.
Probly one of my favorite pictures in the world. This girl is just too awesome.
This is me and my buddy Tanner heading up the JP lift at Basin getting ready to "shred the gnar." hahaha! pleh.
Over Christmas I had some friends over for a lil please-don't-die tubing party. I grabbed an IK (inflatable kayak) from work and we all boogied on down the hill like mad people. (I might have already blogged about this... hmm... oh well, I guess you'll have to read my lame stories twice. maybe.) My cousin Taylor and his girlfriend came up as well, which was uber epic.
This pic was taken in the downstairs of the DLD as I was waiting to go into a four hour class on how to be a better driver. Doesn't it look creepy though?! My hamstrings were shaking all over the place.
Welp folks, that's about all I can come up with for one everning! Oh! One more story! I don't have pictures to go along with it, but I'm hoping you'll be proud of me. Tonight I made cookies. That's right. COOKIES. And I only burnt most of them! Turns out living by myself has made me learn all kinds of things I would have never learned while living at home. Like how to shop for cheap groceries, how to manage my time better, etc. I was watching a movie the other day that used the term "Skinny Fat" for someone who is skinny but WAY out of shape, and I realized I fit that category perfectly. So I have started trying to eat better (good thing I burnt most of my cookies) and I've tried to get in some exercise every day after work or school or skiing, or whatever I happen to be doing all the live long day. It's been good! And I get more sleep when I'm here by myself, because I get so bored sometimes I just go to bed! So thank you thank you to my dearest Gramma Nette who is letting me stay in her house while she is out for the winter! Have I mentioned I LOVE psychology? Who knew? I think everyone should study it at some point in their life. The End.
Now how was that for random?


Taylor and Kenzie Nelson said...

Cam I must say that was most entertaining. The Skinny Fat part cracked me up, you're adorable.

Jayne said...

I think pregnant Mommies like us count as Skinny Fat too, don't you think Kenz? Skinny in some spots, Fat in others.

Cami, that was good. That was very very good.
I think next you should blog about working out on the elypticle (sp?) with your water bottle and package of Oreo's handy.

Bethanie said...

Love it, love you. When are you coming to see me?

Hanna Banana said...

haha, you said pleh. best word ever by the way.