Jan 24, 2010

My life is never boring

There's nothin like Hot Wheels to keep little boys (and JoJo's) busy!
This kid has Kepsel written all over him

So we're eating lunch after church today, and we all started laughing about something
Mom was spewing spaghetti all over
I've been studying Demonology in my psychology class... I took this picture to show them that it's all real.


Lexi said...

that is some interesting stuff. And you still need to send me a pic of the round people nativity

Lexi said...

oops im still signed in as my friend Lexi!!!

Camille said...

Of all the names you could have changed yours too, you changed it to Lexi?! Oh Matt... I don't think that's healthy...

Codinaduty said...

There, Im back, and back blogging again i might add