Oct 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jayne! (plus a couple other adventures)

This past week was Jayne's 4th birthday, and it was a week long party! Four is a big deal. She is now a big girl. Anyone who calls her a little girl gets pwned.
Since Jayne and I seem to have a lot of time together, I decided to let her show me the 'hood. She took me down to the pond to throw rocks. We decided to only go on walks when it's raining, because splashing in puddles is "so cute", but it has only rained twice since I've been here so we might need to make up a new rule till winter hits.
I think I was a bit jealous of Jayne's party. 7 little princesses, all dressed up, pink and giggles everywhere, no boys allowed.... it was heaven.
We decorated princess hats (which I made. oh yeah. i do crafts.) and danced (i didn't dance though... their teacher would have been mad at me for being a bad example) and had a tea party and went on a fairy treasure hunt (which I made up. oh yeah. i can organize stuff.) It was pretty much dazzling.
She got a couple new princess dresses, and this one is hilarious. Hanna, I promise you wish you had one of these. You can't really tell in the pic, but this thing is 100% frills.
Jayne and Claire -- so cute.
Tip for my brain for the future: if the kids are bored, get out the paints and lock them on the back porch! It worked for like 2 hours! Even Jake found it amusing.
A few days ago I had the privileged of having lunch with Seth and Amy on the Microsoft campus where Seth works. I guess they have multiple cafeterias on campus, and they are pretty awesome. There are all these great food places and you just load up. (I got a kick out of the microsoft soup bowl)
I also found one of my favorite restaurants of all time last week. It's called La Vita E Bella and it's in downtown Seattle, a couple blocks from Pike's Place. It's owned by this guy named Giuseppe (who Amy calls my Italian Lover, cuz I won't stop talking about his amazing restaurant) and he is just so Italian. I loved it.
Of course I ate on the sidewalk. I almost cried from overwhelming nostalgia when I bit into this pizza.
This is my friend Beth. She is actually Amy's friend Beth, but I adopted her into my (teenie tiny) friend circle. It's her birthday tomorrow, so we had dinner and cake after church for her :) Her two boys are SO funny too, I've never met any kids like them in my life.
Yay for Washington! I hate it sooooo much, can you tell? ;)


Bethanie said...

Aaah, so many people with the same names as our family!

McIntire Madness said...

So happy to be adopted in the friend circle! Do you know, these are the only pics of my 32nd birthday! Maybe you should send them to me. My boys are quite unique. I'm glad you recognize it. Just wait, Tess will be awesome.