Oct 4, 2010

A bit of the life

Well this week has been absolutely incredible, to say the least. I have been here for a whole week (seems like it's been months) and I LOVE it. I have never felt so at peace that what I'm doing is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing with my life right now.
I'm going to just hurry up and apologize so much the fastest for my awful pictures. Really, I promise they're bad. Anyway... This is my house! Well, Seth and Amy's house anyway. I'm staying here for a while, helping with the four kids and trying to keep the house in order. It's basically great. (And I have four palm trees in my front yard! The only ones in Redmond!)
My second day here I brought Jaynie to playgroup, and somehow we got a flat tire. (I had barely gotten over the fact that I could fit a carseat in Mora!) Luckily we got saved by Amy and her dad, so it turned out all right.
And Jayne had to make sure I got a picture of her happy face too :)
A few days ago I drove into Seattle and visited my old friend Jenna. She stayed with us for a wittle while in Italy, and I hadn't seen her in years. She has a cute little apartment and we made some delectable foods :)

That night was date night for Seth and Amy, and they had some friends over after dinner. We played a game called Sedarahc, and it's HILARIOUS. Mom, if you ever find it, BUY IT. It's charades backwards... the team acts out the object while one person tries to guess. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
Napoleon Bonepart
Again, terrible picture, but last night The Crew (3 other families we always hang out with) and us had dinner together, and they boys kept squishing together in the funniest places so they could all watch the 2x3" DS screen. They are such boys.
And now a word from Jayne! (Music video style)


JoAnn said...

Great blog, Cam! So good to see the stuff. I can't believe you hung out with Jenna. Give her a hug from me if you see her again. i can't get volume on the Jaynie videos, but it's fun to watch her, anyway. I know exactly how she sounds!!!

JoAnn said...

O my speaker was unplugged.

Hey that's me said...

Yeah Jenna lives about 20 minutes from me! How random. And Jaynie keeps us rolling all day.

Caleb said...

Nice job Camille.

Jayne said...

"I wanna watch the joy joy joy again!!"