Oct 8, 2010

FHE, kids, and... more kids.

I attended my first FHE in the singles ward up here a couple nights ago, and it was show and tell night. And... I figure the picture can speak for itself.
Actually it wasn't that bad, just classic and funny to my heart
So... Sam has this whole slew of friends that are as little-boyish as they come. Kyle and Sam think of all kind of crazy things to do - from biking on the crazy mountain trail on little girl bikes to sliding down stairs in cardboard boxes - and every time they hang out it ends up with Sam crying from some injury and Kyle going home. And they do it almost every day!
Last night Jake and I sat in the garage while the kids rode bikes. At one point there were 7 kids out there, cruising around, skinning knees, getting flats, and having roadrage issues. It was awesome.
Welp that's all for today! Later!


Jayne said...

Love the post - really do. Looks like a really beautiful place you're living! And those blondie kids - I love them from a distance so much.

P.S. Jonah prayed for you to be healthy last night.

Bethanie said...

So, how IS the singles ward there?? I'm thinking the Jedi on the right is kinda cute . . . .

Hey that's me said...

I haven't been to church yet, but I hear it's pretty great. About half the ward is at BYU, but... the oldies are still around. But I don't really have time for that anyway. (Which is great, tee hee)