May 19, 2011

The best 'rents

I have some 'rents and they happen to be the best
These two models were awesome enough to drive clear the heck up to nowheresville Seattle to visit their "interesting daughter"
This is us eating Beechers cheese stuff at Pikes Place Market. INCREDIBLE FOOOOOD!!
I also drug them out to Edmonds to see the super low tide and play in the mud. We found sea creatures.

Then we went up the spaceneedle! Yay!
Aaaand it was Babo's birthday :) We had so much fun, (maybe I'm speaking for myself there), and I'm SO HAPPY they came to see me! They still don't understand why I live here - that's ok - but it means a lot that they made the trip up.
Love you guys :)

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JoAnn said...

It was an Epic Journey. We loved it!