Aug 19, 2011

The ghost of Green Beans Past

A week or so ago our dear father graciously invited his two youngest daughters to accompany him to The Cannery

We were on the road by 5:30am.
Hanna fell asleep in a lawn chair in the back of the van and didn't survive Piccolo Corner.

However, we revived her when we arrived.
She got to cover her 1-day-old-pierced-ears with bandaids.
(I, personally, would have loved to find bloody earrings in my canned beans)

We are... Kinda Hawt.

For the next 5 hours Nah and I stared at this conveyor belt of green.
I still have dreams of those small aliens floating by...
Remember how counting sheep puts you to sleep? Green beans flowing by at a steady even pace at 6am has the exact same effect. Except even more so, because sheep don't even put you to sleep.
Enjoy your LDS Green Beans, folks!


Taylor and Mackenzie Nelson said...

You guys are great.

Hanna Banana said...

Um don't you mean nightmares? eegh. And I still have a bruise by the way...