Aug 11, 2011

Last day in Seattle

I'll have you know, this was one of the saddest days I have ever had. In my life. Ever. This was the day that Seth and Amy left on a trip and I moved away.
I'm in kind of a weird mood right now, so I can't effectively tell you how sick this day made me.
Moving on...

Garret knew I was having a rough day, so he came and picked me up (Garret I have to pack! Garret I can't go galivanting around the city today! Garret I still have mascara dripping all over my face! Garret go away! "No Cami. Come on.")

A long time ago I asked him to Sadie Hawkins because he said he wanted to be asked by a "Utah Girl" (did I post about this?). Supposidly Utahns are creative (and ridiculous) in the dance-asking department. Anyway, I was very disappointed because he never answered me! And we still went! What a rip off. (jokes). Anyway, I guess he never forgot, and months later he got around to it. After he pulled me away from my packing and bawling my eyes out, he took me to the freemont troll where he had set up this whole scavenger hunt to answer me to the dance :) It brightened my dark day.

We went downtown and walked around the weird streets

We took in the full effect of the gum wall

My face still looks like this

And we briefly went to Pikes Place! Somehow in the year that I lived in Seattle, I didn't really go to any of these places.
Thanks Garret for showing me around! It was a good last day. I still bawled a lot, and I'm sure I drove you crazy, but I needed it.
Bye Seattle!


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Camille said...

:) Thanks J