Aug 16, 2011

Sometimes Americans Drive Across Their Large Country.

On our way to Utah, Garret's boss called him and said that within the week their whole office would be moving from Portland, OR to Richmond, VA. His response was a roll of the eyes.
So after our 10 day vaca, (that totes rhymed), he flew back to Portland, packed up his car with all his belongings (kinda like I did but minus the bike and... me) and drove back to my house, picked me up, and we started driving East.

Lexy didn't love the desert too much.

Garret didn't either, after he got pulled over for trying to quickly exit the desert.
(This is actually a picture of him getting into the cop car. Turns out cops in Wyoming are lazy, and they like to get on their megaphones and say DRIVER. PLEASE COME BACK TO THE STATE VEHICLE. I laughed really hard).

I think the only food in Nebraska is in this building. It took forever to find it. Cheese Whiz never tasted so good.

A lot of the drive looked kinda basically mostly like this

In case you're ever wondering where Kickapoo Nation School, KA is, I found it.

We also found Swope Parkway.
There are so many treasures in this country.
I can't tell you how many uses we found for the word "Swope". So useful! Remember that time when you can't remember the word you're trying to remember? It's Swope.

Like so many landmarks, we missed the exit and didn't care because we felt like driving a lot.
Good thing we liked driving!

This is Charleston, WV. It pretty.

After we got out of the flats (somewhere around Kentucky), the drive became very mountainous, grandiose, and gorgeous. It was a jungle.

After 38 hours in the car, we were suuuper attractive.
I think I enjoyed the drive way more than he-who-must-not-be-named.

The morning after arriving in Richmond we drove a couple hours to DC!

We attended the Holocaust Museum. It was a glorious surprise.
But all jokes (and surprises) aside, it was really amazing. I recommend it. Just make sure you go in with an empty stomach.

We did a lot of drive-by sight seeing

The side of a huge building

Hey! We got out of the car!

We decided that I will never again be in charge of picking restaurants. I guess this picture makes this plate look kind of pretty, but.... hahahahaha :)
Lets not talk about it anymore.

Then I flew home! On this tiny plane! With propellers!

We also visited SVU but I can't find the pics :( It was so pretty though!
Sigh. It was such a great trip. If you have never driven across the country, I very highly greatly extremely recommend it. But don't do it with stinky people.
I might never hang out with Garret again, maybe I won't even ever see him again, but we sure did have fun last month!
The end!


Garret said...

You're never going to see me again?! Did i smell that bad?! This is awesome btw.

Camille said...

HAHAHA!!! No you did not smell bad. Not as bad as you smelt on our way to Whistler....