Mar 25, 2012

The Countdown

I was sitting in the kitchen yesterday and Tess was making fun of me because I don't talk too much on my blog about going on a mission. I am leaving in 3 days, so I will now explain to you my thoughts on said subject :)
In my first Stake President Interview, Pres Taggart told me that I need to continue my life "as normal" until I leave. (Sisters are a bit different than Elders in that respect... They try to push you into marriage till the night you're set apart). Of course it hasn't been "normal", but I have continued traveling, working, dating, etc., and it has been a great few months. I have learned and grown in leaps. It is such a rare time of life because I haven't really been starting anything new (such as jobs, looking for cars, finding bands, researching schools, all that jazz), and I've had this time to focus on what the Lord wants for my life. How awesome.
Last week was a little crazy. Mom and dad were gone, the rest of the fam came for the weekend, and I seriously lost my head. Not in a crazyperson way, but in a numb way. I have mission brain, which is a lot like pregnant brain, minus the extra weight and cravings :) I'll admit, at this point my bags are still not packed. My room is mostly packed... If my neatherlands weren't asleep from sitting on this floor right now I would stand up and take a picture. But alas I am very numb in that area, so no pics today.
Anyway, back to my lost noggin... People keep asking me about my emotions. Am I excited? Nervous? Prepared? ...... What are those things? I don't think I am any of those things. I can't wait to get out of here! What else? I guess I could say I am excited... But I'm not losing sleep or bouncing off the walls, I am just so happy to be where I am and I am looking forward to the experiences I will have. I don't know how to be nervous. I don't know if anyone is ever "prepared". But I have done what I can.

Welp, that train of though has left the station. Check out my sidebar for my address and send me something funny :) I like funny stuff.


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