Mar 18, 2012

Mahalo for the adventures

I have been putting off blogging about Hawaii because there is SO MUCH to say and show, but you'll probly all think it's boring and I hate being boring. But you know what? If you're bored, don't read it! IN YO FACE!
I was particularly lucky to be able to have a different Hawaiian experience than most peeps. It was vacation mixed with real life. Mmmm savory :) Seriously.
The night I got there Amy suggested we go watch the BYU Seasiders basketball game, and I'm a Christensen, so of course I'd rather stay home and watch Hulu. But every time Amy talks me into these things, I end up getting super into it and I never want to leave. I guess I'm part Hale too, thanks Ame!
It is amazing to me how these kids have learned to be so incredibly entertaining.
Somehow Sam ended up in his second home, the hospital, and while we were waiting in the car the girls decided to go... pee. In the woods. If we were in Redmond, these kids would probly be in kidjail. But I think Hawaiian kids get a high five when they piddle in the weeds.
Jones missed the weedpee memo. Lucky.
Hello hospital
By the end of the week, we were all snorkeling pros. And I pretended to be a kid, which I'm kind of crazy good at. Weird.
One time it was crazy windy, and JJ sat like this for a good 20 minutes. Smart.
Remember how I said the kids got way creative? My own bed was lucky enough to be a part of this "fort". What you are missing in this picture is that 17 seconds earlier my ever-thinning personal bubble was completely popped by about 2420391375 barreling pillows in my direction, complements of the naked white sneaky ninja demons.
Last summer Aunt Beth showed me the art of sand carving (is there a classier name?), and the kiddos thought it was the best.

We do live burials in this fam. 
One afternoon was spent at the uber impressive Polynesian Culture Center. It rained a bit, but we made some nice friends! They were brown. And big. And muscle-ee. JUST FRIENDS!
The Luau.
We are the Christensens. We drink from Pineapples.
They were kinda hot. 
The kids temperatures, not the guys. 
I'm going on a mission in 10 days, you really think I still have an eye for hunks!? That's against the rules anywhere close to BYU. (And they wonder why I don't go to BYU?).
Oh hey, this is just us at Hanauma Bay. It was dope. 
(Tess, please hold your comments about me looking like a frumpy mom who hasn't showered for days. I am not a mom. I did actually wash my hair WITH SHAMPOO at least once that week. I was the only one on the island using shampoo. And my shower was outside. Also amazing).
Oops, repeat picture. I'm too lazy to delete it, so you get to enjoy it twice! Nom nom nom.
Cute Sethie on his first day of school at BYU... Presh! I tried to find words for that shirt all week, but alas, none have come. still.
(This is after he randomly proclaimed during breakfast, "I love myself today!". He swears that's not what he said, but I have ears like a hawk. Hawks have good ears right?)
Shaved Ice... Yes please. 
Then one time I had to leave Hawaii, and the ninjas attacked again.
This is Jake holding my cheeks and giving me smooches. He held on tight.
Kissy face!
I've never loved being attacked as much as I did that day. 

Then I cried all the way home. (I cried because I'm not going to see these guys for probly 19 months. I also cried because I got straight out of the ocean and into my jeans and onto a plane, and half the beach hitchhiked to Utah in my various bodily cracks. I guess you could call it exfoliating.)

Love you guys :)

(But I promise I did actually go HOME. Like, to Utah. It was a tough nut to bite. But it's 70 degrees, weeeeee!)


Sam Christensen said...

Hi cami our the word me and Ellie made up helloha we all miss you so much hope you hae a good time on you mission talk to ya later =) p.s loed the pig pile

Sam Christensen said...

Hey Cami its Sam We all miss you and you still owe me a donut seya

Amy said...

HELLO???? Is this thing on???? I've never actually made myself a documented member of the blogosphere and am not certain I'm doing it right....

Just want to say I love my cousin.

nuff said.